Karen Day

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

My last post!!!

Hi peeps! Just a quick blog post to say that I have been thinking about what Im wanting to do in 2009! And blogging just isnt on the list this year. As you can tell, the growing disinterest has been going for awhile. And I just think its time to give it up :)

So Im going to leave this blog up, just in case I want to look back. But I wont be posting.

Thanks so much to those who still visit. Im amazed that Ive still been getting the stats I am, considering how neglectful Ive been. So thanks for stopping by to see how my family and I have been.

Yas can still catch me on Facebook (add me as a 'friend' if you want) and the awesome Scrapboxx forums.

But I just really feel that Im not really in the mood for blogging anymore. That part of my life is finished with now :)

Cyas around and about!!

xxx K