Karen Day

Thursday, 31 July 2008

my first digi scrapping attempt!!!

i saw on the aussie pub calls blog the other day a competition for digiscrapping and thought i would give it a go cos of the awesome prize!!!

here is my entry with more info about the credits and etc: click here

i wanted to do a layout made completely from non-digiscrap-kit-stuff. i found a great site called Urban Dirty and ive used one of their textures and turned it into a page background with alot of cropping and editing to make it more urban and grungy. this is the one i used:

and then i used some cool fonts that i found for free at 1001freefonts.com and some urban brushes ive had for awhile.

i tell ya what - talk about using alot of layers!!!!! i ended up having 20-something layers with this file. but it was so much fun. im definitely gonna stick to paper-scrapping. but this was a nice way to waste a couple of hours on the computer :) it was some nice 'down time' for me.

wish me luck in the comp!!!! the entries close midnight 31st july Tokyo time.

it looks a bit gammin small, so click on it to see all the details if u wanna.

This is the prize on offer: Bamboo Fun Tablet - Medium

sweet!!!!!!! i doubt ill win cos there are some pretty amazing layouts on there! and this is my first try at it. but oh well. doesnt hurt to try!!!!


in other scrappy news a french scrapper friend of mine - Sophie - has started off a free scrapbooking online magazine with monthly editions. this month is the first month avail in ENGLISH as well!! and it has an exclusive interview with THE tim holtz. so if u wanna go check it out here is the link to download. u will see the english version is the last link on the page:


this is the site for the free e-zine .... but its all in french so i have no idea what it says haha


was a fun read :D congrats sophie!!!! i havent heard of this before :)

xxx K

Friday, 25 July 2008

getting ready for tonight!!!

got any blogs u can recommend? send them to me via email - karen (at) tkday (dot) net - as Im going through to find the most inspirational, fun and creative blogs out there in aussie and international cyberspace :)

and i am STUCK on the playlists for tonight!!! So if you have a song/band you like listening to head on over let me know! :)

KDD BlogParty
- Starting at 8PM tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

still sick .... so still scrappin

I know - two posts in one day! its a miracle! but im still sick so ive been scrapping while troy runs around after the kids. a couple of weeks ago brianna and i built a little herb garden in pots. its raining today so the photo of the layout isnt the best. but i think the herb garden must have gotten washed away because it hasnt stopped raining in three whole days. not one bit of sunshine. so ill find out over the next few days if it is still next to the cubby house or not! i hope it is!

I included a list of the herbs we planted (and yes i know rocket isnt a herb but that plant was on special so we grabbed it). :)

All this scrapping is making me feel better!

xxx K

Playing with new stuff ...

Im sick today. So ive been shut in the bedroom with strict orders to stay here!

Here is a layout i did lastnight for the KDD blog using the new stuff:

Don't forget to come along to the BlogParty on Friday night :)

Something interesting happened to me. I used to submit to SM all the time. like - ALL the time. but they never ever once accepted a layout. so i stopped subbing to them over a year ago. then i decided the other day that i may as well try again - so subbed 4 layouts. got acceptances for 3. but SC already snapped up one so I am only sending into SM 2 of the layouts.

whats the moral of the story??? dont give up subbing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all u girls who sub and dont get acceptances dont do what i did and stop!

i was shocked to say the least :) yay my first SM acceptances!

xxx K

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Scrapboxx Cybercrop - on NOW!


check out that timetable girls!!! it couldnt be more jam PACKED with fun!!!! hope to see some familiar faces there :D at the moment there are around 30 or so girls in chat .... so come and join in the fun!

xxx K

Monday, 14 July 2008


Yay KDD is now offically launched! not that it really needed a party but hey .... if there is an excuse to throw a party than i throw one!!!! :) visit the KDD blog for pics and a soon-to-come post with more info.

i was at the building from 10am till 3.30am the next morning - but didnt manage to scrap until 10pm. But I sooooooooo enjoyed meeting some locals who are also into scrapbooking and cant wait to catch up with them again! here are my creations from the night:

"its a sweet life" .... lluuuuuurve this sassafras lass stuff. fun fun. there is something sneaky on this layout too - can u guess?? if u think u know the sneakyness then post a comment and let me know :)

"every tiny detail" ... isnt it amazing how u can even love every tiny minute thing about ur kids!!!!

"ill always remember" ... i still remember when she said these exact words. it made me so happy :)

"amazingly beautiful" ... this is the layout i taught in the class. fun!

back to the real world! i let so many things slip to get this launch organised. so my to do list is a little bit daunting. not too bad though.

xxx K

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Self portraits

just logging in to share my self portraits from today and yesterday :) three down - 28 to go :D

Self portrait #2

everyone has to do one of those typical self protraits in their bathroom mirror at some stage dont they????? but i did flip mine so the word "nikon" was the right way around .... is that cheating? ;)

Self portrait #3

troy got a new mobile phone on friday and brianna is obsessed with taking photos with it. so here i took a photo of me in the mobile camera while she took the actual photo of me ... or whatever. so is this still technically a self portrait .... or does it even make sence??

i have some exciting scrappy things to share ... but must hold off!! :)

xxx K

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Happy Sunday!!!

Today I created a couple of simple cards with the leftover scraps from the KDD Launch kit. Im SOOOO looking forward to next weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a sneak peak into something secret that the wonderful Tatum Woodruffe has been concocting behind everyone's back ;) Thanks for letting me in on it T :D luv ya!

Self portrait #1 - 30 left to go!

I must admit that i didnt wanna do a non-face photo for my first self portrait in this series, but today Im not feeling 100% so wasnt in the posey mode :) But I thought I would share with you a part of me that I am self-concious about ... my "monkey toes". my husband lovingly labelled my toes monkey-toes when we were dating. I seriously have long toes. they are kinda like fingers. i bet i could write a novel with my monkey-toes. i freak out my hubby every time i spread them out like in the second pic. haha.

... and yes my toenail polish is slightly grown out :) tomorrow i promise a 'face' photo!


xxx K

Saturday, 5 July 2008

new photographer to add to my links

i am browsing flickr cos tonight im feeling MUCH better for some reason!! i havent used bonjela on my gums in THREE HOURS!!!!! up until tonight i was using it about once every hour to an hour and a half. so woop woop to that!

im feeling so inspired to take photographs because i finally have no pain. but its dark. boo! haha. so instead i went searching for a flickr album that just blew my mind!

and i found it ...

clickity-click (go on ... you know u wanna!)

my favs just from the first couple of pages:

i keep seeing ppl doing these 365 photo challenges where u take a self portrait every day for a year. wow what a commitment!!! but seriously, how cool would it be to have a self portrait every day of your mum to see!! i would adore having that to look back on.

i cant commit to a year.

but i can commit to a month :) and then after that we will see. i may be bored of it. i may be enjoying it. time will tell.

anyone willing to jump in the deep end with me? it doesnt have to be your face, it just has to be you. any part of you.

starting tomorrow!

im gonna blog me every day :)

xxx K

sorry if this post is a bit gramatically incorrect ...

... but im a bit spaced out. it should be alright tho cos i read over it.

since tuesday i have had absolutely agonising teeth/gum pain and constant headaches that never relent!! its been horrible. i went to the dentist on thursday and she took some xrays. $150 later i find out that my wisdom teeth have to get pulled!! cos i have to see a specialist oral surgeon who is from brisbane. the dentist here said she wont touch them. my bottom teeth are completely turned sideways and pushing against my molars, and my top teeth are actually up ABOVE my other teeth and are kinda next to/in my sinus area, around all the nerves.

anyways, i ring to organise the appointment with the brisbane dentist and they have a cancellation so i can now go in late august. it would have been december!!!! so i have to wait about 6 weeks. but im on really heavy painkillers, antiinflamitory tablets, and also antibiotics in case there is an infection. but even with all that the pain isnt going away. its so horrible. :( :( :(

i constantly feel like someone is stabbing my gums with a knife. not nice.

anyways, so thats my story. ive still got a headache now but had to come whinge. im a woman. i like to whinge.

its all up going to cost me just over $3500 to fix!!!!!! so im basically gonna be sleeping on the streets i think!

im so out of it with pain and drugs. ive never felt anything like this.

*sob sob*

xxx K

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

wow i actually have been creative!

marni left me again yesterday after sleeping over! boohoo!!! it was so lovely to have someone so creative share my life with me for 24 hours :D there is nothing like having a like-minded soul basically glued to your hip for a day to really inspire u! we had a lovely creative time. but i tell u what marni - im SO tired still!!! wow i dont bounce back so quick these days! haha.

we stayed up late scrapping, chatting (gossiping?!?) and browsing blogs. brianna was so disappointed when she left. she cried a bit. so sad!!! so marni this means u gotta come back soon. cos brianna said that she wanted "marni to stay forever". i think u are brianna's new best friend :)

i took some pics of marni and she hasnt emailed them to me yet (HINT HINT!!!!) so here are some of the ones i stole from her blog. see, i have resorted to stealing now marni - see what u make me do?!!?!?? haha

anyways, onto some scrappy stuff ...

i am in charge of this week's challenge over at the new Boxx :D This was the challenge i set: Do something unique with your background paper. whether you want to create a pattern using ink/paint, or do your own decorative edging, or sew all over it with your sewing machine ... do whatever u want!

for mine i used black bazzill, then put a sheet of black lace cardstock over the top, then held it down with verticle lines of stitching running from the top of the page right to the bottom. ive done about 10 lines all up running across the page. here it is (with a piccy of my gorgeous hunk of a man). i really struggled with this layout cos i havent scrapped in awhile :(

when marni was here i did this one. lots of painting and inking here.

The June newsletter is out at the boxx and here are my contributions:

i had to do a layout using office supplies. i used staples, notebook paper, nikko pen, foam rings from the DVD stand in my office :)

And i also did the top 10 feature:

i ADORE yellow at the moment. i cant stop using it! ive done a few layouts which are secret at the moment so ill share later - and 3 of them are bright yellow! i cant stop myself. :)

xxx K