Karen Day

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Oral surgery

hey - im rushing off to hospital to get my wisdom teeth out now!

wish me luck!!! the surgery is in 25 mins :D

mwah mwah!

xxx K

Friday, 22 August 2008


something very exciting arrived in my mailbox today and i cant share the news with you ... sob sob!!!

it makes it not as much fun when u cant share your good news with friends - i have to wait till mid-september! boooo!


xxx K

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Shares = YaY! :)

see - i wasnt fibbing! I have some stuff to share :) This is proof ive been doing stuff! haha

Here are a couple of sneaks into two projects Im not quite allowed to share yet: ;)

so check back latas if you wanna see what that is all about!

And here is something I am allowed to share:

Some super-duper quick cards I whipped up ...

And a layout about Liam. I love the way his fingers are all over the keys in this pic. Its so him. He adores visiting grandad so he can play on his piano. My dad is an amazing classical pianist. I love to hear him play church music when he decides to grace me with a 'performance' :)

I took the distressing a step further than normal for me and i distressed the photo with the point of my scissors. Here is a closeup of the technique if anyone wants to try it out.

Im planning a scrappy night tomorrow which will be fun :) then Im off to Mackay for all of next week for my dental surgery - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkk. soooooo scarey!!!!

booooo i hate dentists .... so i wonder if a 'surgeon' will be much better??!?!???? dont think so!

anyone have any NICE stories about getting wisdom teeth out??!? if its scarey stories filled with pain i dont wanna hear them haha.

xxx K

i promise ...

that i will get back to blogging more.

ive been feeling a bit busy lately with non-scrapping stuff and ive been missing my 'therapy'. ive been doing some scrapping and have three things to share - including a minialbum. im rushing out the door now but i promise i will be back at around lunchtime with something. :)

xxx K

Friday, 15 August 2008

i feel so happy tonight ...

im not sure why ... but i just do!

i love friday nights cos they always are followed with saturday morning. i love saturday morning even more than friday nights cos troy is home and we always take the kids for a walk through town square for some morning tea. then we go to the park or library for some family time.

i love it so much! plus i am SO in need of a chai latte - im gonna get the biggest one EVER tomorrow. bliss.

yesterday i took some piccies of my beautiful friend talia. she is 8 months preggers and ive edited a couple of the photos. this was my fav one:

if u wanna see all of them ull have to go to the photography blog. she is so gorgeous!!!!

a couple of shares:

a layout i did for the boxx a few weeks ago :) using my new KDD.

and a layout that is in the latest SC. i love this pic of MissB! :)

xxx K

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

i am so bad!

ive been sooo not scrapping which is totally unlike me! but i am planning a scrapfest tonight so hopefully i will have shares for tomorrow :)

in other news ive been busy planning my next KDD class which will be online as well as offline this time (yay!), taking photos of local real estate for sale, booking in and organising family and maternity photoshoots (in two weeks ive gone from just starting a business to being booked up till NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!), planning my sister's hens night, getting ready to be her matron of honor, designing invites for my baby neice's 1st birthday, designing new Scrapware, designing for Scrapboxx, stressing over my teeth surgery taking place at end of August .... and looking after sick kids!!!!!!!!!!!

wow im exhausted just writing that list!!! never mind living it! haha

i promise ill have shares soon. scrapbooking is my de-stresser and i love it. my heart always wants it when Im feeling like im lacking in "time off".

luv yas always - even if i neglect you!!!

xxx K

Monday, 4 August 2008

kristy's photoshoot

so excited! i got to photograph kristy's wonderful family over the weekend at a cute little cattle station. it was a PERFECT location and was so beautiful and peaceful!

so far im not even halfway through editing and ive got 25 gorgeous photos done. so it looks like u will have 50+ photos from this shoot kristy! :D

check the photo blog for a few sneak peaks :)