Karen Day

Thursday, 31 May 2007

This week's projects!!

Ive been scrapping like crazy this week even though brianna and troy are sick - im amazed ive found the time!! but here is what Ive done:

some homemade embellishments for a swap. the centre of the flowers is intended for journalling.


"Sorry Baby" - a layout about how I am trying to do boys layouts but i find them hard compared to girl layouts! in the journalling i tell liam that its not cos i love him less than brianna but rather because i am creatively challenged! :)

"Everyday" - a layout I did for Karen over at CIS. her daughter is gorgeous! :D

The cover of my BOM album - a maya road 8.5x11 chipboard album

and today I did this one. a layout of liam. i doodled all over this layout and had so much fun with it. prepare to see more doodling cos its a fun way to experiment with boys layouts :)

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

scrappin like crazy!!

ive had such a great week when it comes to scrapping. ive been really in the zone and ive managed to get alot of stuff done! im on the laptop at the moment so i cant upload the pics in this post - the photos of the layouts are on the PC. But over the weekend I did three layouts, 6 homemade embellishments for the swap at CIS and ive decorated my Maya Road album for my BOM.

Ive decided to make my BOM totally done with Kraft as the background cardstock. so Ive placed my order at CIS and am just waiting for it to come into stock.

Im in the middle of a layout for liam but i really struggle with boys layouts! my boys layouts always seem so simple. i kinda am struggling to find a nice 'groove' for them. but practice makes perfect :) ill just keep trying out some new stuff and just explore it that way.

ill post later with the photos.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

ok im back .... properly this time i promise!!! :D

well, liam is back to normal i think. but either way ive had enough sleep to start acting like a normal human being again! I even scrapped a layout yesterday! Although unfortunately I cannot show you it yet cos its for a class at Crafting in Style. Here is a little bit of info if you are thinking you may wanna come. Ill post up a sneak preview tomorrow.


"Another reason to love you ..."
Technique Focus: Machine and hand stitching

Date: 29 July at 7:30pm
Created and taught by Kaz

"Another reason to love you ..." gives you a chance to tell your child another reason (like they need one!) why you love them. Maybe it's a thought you haven't scrapped before or just something they have started doing recently. While the layout focuses on machine and handstitching, other interesting features of the layout are the use of paint, homemade embellishments and also the handcutting of shapes out of patterned paper.

Note: If you do not have a sewing machine you will still be able to complete this layout.


Im so excited to be teaching this class. I love my layout and its my second online class so im excited but nervous! My first class went by without a hitch though so that gives me a bit of confidence.

My To-Do list is building up again because I had that break while liam wasnt well. Here it is!

  1. Do a layout for Jazikt as a part of an ongoing challenge.
  2. Do a layout for Julie because she won a comp at CIS
  3. Finish the 10 card challenge I set myself (I have 3 left to do)
  4. Create 6 homemade embellishments for a swap
  5. Do my layouts for the Awards for Excellence (havent started)
  6. Do my projects for the Scrapping Masters (havent started)
Its really important for me to be involved this year in the FK and SM competitions. I didnt do them last year and itd be interesting to see where I stand. I would never win - I know that. But I wouldnt mind getting an honorable mention hopefully!!! Fingers crossed :D

I got a gorgeous 8.5x11 chipboard Maya Road album which Im also just itching to decorate the cover of!!!! But that is last on my list ... but its what I want to do tonight!!!! That will have to wait though :)

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Sorry I havent posted!!!

Some of you may visit the forums I visit so may know that Ive had some health problems with the kids over the last week and a half. As a result Ive been up around 6 or 7 times some nights!!! But things are finally looking up as lastnight I had the first proper nights' sleep in eleven nights!!! ive been like a walking zombie.

but tomorrow I will be back with a proper post about whats been happening with me scrap-wise and with a couple of new layouts Ive done.

take care!

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

im off for a couple of days!

tomorrow I leave for Mackay for 2 nights so ill be back on Friday arvo!

cyas then! :D

Monday, 7 May 2007

Im shocked!!

Tonight I got an email from Nerrida at The Scrapbooking Company and the poor woman has had something personal happen in her life and has had to close down the store!!!!! I feel so sorry for her because I know she has invested so much time and effort into it! Nerrida if you read this I wish you nothing but the best - and thanks for letting me be on your design team! I loved the experience!!!

That is such a shame!

Happy "May Day"!!! ... or something like that :D

I hope you are all loving your long weekend! apart from having a dodgey internet connection Im loving mine :D today there is a fair on at the park put on my BMA so everything is free!! woohoo! brianna is going to have a blast and im going to get as many photos as she will let me :D cant wait!

Here is a new layout. I had alot of fun with those little sticker lines and im also loving the Cherry Arte chipboard shapes! how cute are they!

Ive also just realised that now that the Crafting in Style design team comp is over the copyright is finished. So here are some of the items I did for that comp. Jolene ran an amazing competition for her search for a design team member. The challenges were so thought provoking!

Challenge: use 5 or more photos in a single layout and also keep it anonymous (no names or faces)


Challenge: Use felt


Challenge: Decorative Edges


Want to win a layout scrapped by me? Check out the comp here!

Thursday, 3 May 2007

new forum comp at the Scrapbooking Company!

Make 50 posts on the new Scrapbooking Company forums during May and automatically win new Jenni Bowlin papers and journalling tags! Join and make 5 posts to be in the draw for $10 voucher (4 to give away).

Have u seen those new Jenni Bowlin papers?? they are so gorgeous! and the new journalling tags as well. i think ill be making a minialbum out of mine. just gotta wait till they get here next week!

Ive also been busy doing up the Crafting in Style homepage. It was really bizarre doing web design cos i havent touched it in over a year! but it was enjoyable anyways. You can check it out here - http://www.craftinginstyle.com.au/. Also check out Jolene's sketch blog cos its so fantastic!

I got a bit of scrapping done today for myself! hopefully ill get a chance to scrap tonight so i can finish it. but if not ill upload it tomorrow. It was with a kit I bought from Chookscraps.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Kelly's Photo Swap

I did a photo swap with the wonderfully talented Kelly Ingram!!!

Here is the gorgeous layout she did of liam:

And here is the one I did of her sweet little daughter (dodgey photo of the layout!):

Now I just have to get my butt into gear and do Liz's photo swap :P

Blumars and The Scrapbooking Company both open their forums!

How weird is it that two of the three Design Teams I design for open their forums at the same time!

I will still be found at Crafting in Style. But two new forums Ill be browsing like crazy are The Scrapbooking Company and also Blumars. So go sign up and meet the ladies!!!! looking forward to seeing you there :)