Karen Day

Sunday, 21 December 2008

idea for displaying prints

My #1 fav photographers for inspiration and drooling is the amazing husband and wife duo over at the image is found.

Tonight im feeling a bit under the weather - i think im getting a cold. and i was just doing a very quick check of my fav blogs before falling into bed for some much-needed sleep, and Nate had posted up how he displays his family photos. i adore this idea!! so i just had to jump on here and share. he said that he finds it hard to select which pics get onto the wall, which i can SO relate to! so he just chops and changes the pics all the time.

Its just a magnetic white board and a heap of cute mini magnets. pick them up for cheap from an office supplies store.

i can imagine the most perfect corner of our new kitchen that this would suit fabulously. so ill double check the house tomorrow cos its been a month since we have been in there and we get the keys in the morning.

what do u think? also, make sure u check out the image is found blog. they will blow your mind.

xxx K

Saturday, 20 December 2008

my wishlist ...

Ive been having fun planning the furnishings for the new house and have been daily hopping around the internet checking out blogs and being inspired when it comes to interior design. Here are a couple of things that Ive spied tonight that I love. I am definitely gonna get the wall decal below!!

This decal is 8.5" high by 23" wide and would look PERFECT on the mocha wall in my living room. I love the idea of being able to put something other than photoframes on my walls. This can be found here for $35 (au$) which includes postage - and I could just about spend another $100 or so on the other gorgeous designs in that etsy store. Wouldnt it be fabulous to design your own little signs to put above ur kids bed and get them made there!!! I would LOVE to do that as my kids share a room with each side of the room being a mirror image of the other, except for colours, and itd suit the design perfectly.

And check out these cuties.

They are from this etsy store!! How sweet.

Anyways, im off to bed early. I had a terrible day. The kids were grumpy all day and had a few timeouts each, they didnt have a daytime sleep, i got stung by a bee on my calf muscle at the pool this arvo and it REALLY hurt, I was really tired cos lastnight i couldnt get to sleep till after 2am, and I ate my emotions by having a slight "im tired" binge of chocolate this arvo. Im so disappointed with myself!!

But I have to look on the bright side - at least my kids were with me to cuddle and kiss. Alot of parents dont have that this Christmas, so I cant take that for granted.

Im off to bed now. Night!

xxx K

PS. Catherine, that is the decal i was telling you about! ;) Christmas wishlist material :D

PPS. It was 44 degrees today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hottest day of the year. My shoes were basically melting into the road on the way to the pool.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Goodbye to my beautiful friend Dee

Back when I was on the CIS DT I was fortunate to meet a wonderful person - Dee Lewthwaite. You may remember this post I made for her.

Over the past year she has been struggling with cancer, and this morning her body couldnt take anymore and she passed away. We used to sit in msn for ages and chat, and it saddens me that she isnt around to make the world a brighter place anymore. She will be missed by so many, especially the CISters. As she was very active in that community when I was a DT member there. I wish I was closer so I could go to her funeral, but I cant travel to Victoria at the moment because I cant afford it. This is so sad, and Ive been crying on and off about it all night since I found out. I wasnt going to post about it here but in the end I wanted to share in case someone who knew Dee didnt know the news and came here.

If you knew Dee and want to pass on a message to the family this is her blog:
http://dee-days.blogspot.com/. Her dad checks the blog and Dee taught him how to post messages etc.

She leaves behind two beautiful little children. And her scrapbooks will be there for these children as they grow up - a testament as to how much they were loved by their mother.

Ill miss you Dee ... I love you heaps.

xxx K

so what do u think?

I wanted something a bit cleaner. so i dumped the left column and u can find the category links just below the banner. ive got 191 posts here though so i am NOT going to go through those and categorize them though :) so the sections only start today.

i am SO looking forward to next year, and this blog will help me plan stuff and document the process.

the blog will no longer only just be scrapbooking as alot of my family check back here regularly. so itll be about other stuff more to do with whats going on in my life. up until just recently i didnt really like to talk about my life online. but ive decided to open up just a little bit. the change of thinking came about because id love to be able to read back on this a year or two from now and not just have scrapbooking stuff documented.

anyways, ive been editing photos and working a bit on this tonight so im very tired. so just a quicky post tonight. i will be back with scrap shares tomorrow!

xxx K

Changes are coming ...


Hopefully will finish tonight :) Check back lata!

xxx K

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

i need a fresh start ...

i SO cant wait for the new year. i think this is the most anticipation i have felt for a "new years" ever. i really feel that at this stage in my life i need to recognise a new beginning. this is for many reasons including:

  • im feeling a bit burnt out after a tremendously busy November
  • ive just rejoined WW with the goal to lose 15 kgs. I tried not long ago to do it from home but was unsuccessful. If I attend the meetings then I always have success. So ive signed up for the "unlimited" plan. And after only 1 week I have lost 1.6kgs already (woohoo!)
  • we get the keys to the new house on 22nd December so will be moving over slowly over the Christmas break. We have organised a holiday house for the break, so we are staying there for a bit, then back out here to move, then backwards and forwards a bit over 2 weeks.
  • im taking January off in regards to photoshoots - not one! (ok maybe one for my bestie Chantal who had her little baby boy 2 days ago!)
  • I need to reorganise and refocus my priority list. Ive yet to sit down and think it all over but I plan on doing this while on holidays.
So until the new year I will be quiet here. I am going to do another post tomorrow or the day after because the next awesome Scrapboxx newsletter is out and its jam-packed full of inspiration!!! So I will be sharing those projects with you here once I get on the other PC, as it has the pics on there.

While on holidays im planning on giving this blog a facelift too, cos its looking very outdated and im SO over that photo in the banner LOL.

The gorgeous Marni Telford is visiting me tomorrow so I am totally excited over that. And maybe I can con her into taking my photo so I can put an updated pic up. We will see how time goes.

Anyways, I hope you ALL have a wonderful Christmas!!!!! And try not to get too carried away with the sales :D