Karen Day

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Send me for a time out!

I know! No blogging. But Ive been very sick since I got back from the retreat! I had a cold and now Ive got gastro while still having a cold! So Its not really nice being me at the moment. Anyone wanna swap?

Ive got a fair few layout shares. About six i think? Wow thats alot for me haha. But no photos taken yet so I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE I will post those tomorrow :)

Anyway, the Scrapboxx retreat was amazing! as i thought it would be! it was SO full on, but totally worth the hours of driving, and the mega hours of flying. On the way home I spent 11 hours straight either in an airplane or airport. Good times! haha. Actually it wasnt too bad cos i had my buddies Mardi Winen and Nikala O'Brien with me. I had so much fun getting to know these two girls better ... as well as the other girls at the retreat! Sheree you will always have my heart :)

Ill be back in the morning with photos. Im still feeling sick so had better go lay down. I was going to post photos in this post but its all a bit much at the moment.


xxx K

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Off to the Scrapboxx Retreat!

Hey all!

Im just about ready to go - give me another hour and we will be on the highway :)

Im going to mackay today so that Ive got the kids settled ready for my 6am Thursday flight to head on over to Augusta in WA!!! Im heading to the Scrapboxx retreat and cant wait! Although I must admit, I am dreadfully tired. Ive been up working till after midnight for something like 10 days. Ive lost count. So I hope I am awake enough to get the most out of it that I can! And Im not snoozing the weekend away haha.

I will be back mid next week sometime - hopefully with some shares, considering im going to a scrapbooking retreat haha. So until then, take care of yourselves!!!!

xxx K

Friday, 6 March 2009

my kids aged so much today!

Liam - well, when he was being cheeky i picked him up and was carrying him to his room for a timeout and he was yelling "no mummy, i be good, i be good, i be good ...". and this is the first time he has tried to bargain with us this way. u know, how they make promises about how from now on they will behave. it reminded me that every day he is growing and learning new ways to interact with those around him.

and yes, he still got his time out. :)

As for Miss Brianna - she got her haircut. *sigh* she looks so amazingly beautiful. she always does. but today she seemed to age at least 2 years with this haircut. it made her so grown up. it even has layers! Brianna's first layers. :)

BEFORE PHOTO (taken on wednesday):


Tonight Im scrapping :) Im heading off to western australia next week for the AWESOME scrapboxx retreat and i CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im a bit anxious about leaving the kids, but I will be fine. I really need a break to tell u the truth. I havent been away from them ever. itll be a good experiment for me.

xxx K