Karen Day

Monday, 28 January 2008

Some more photos!

Purple Monkey Dishwasher winner announced below!!

I have a dillemma ... or dilemma ... however you spell it! I did 12 layouts in 14 days, then got a bit burnt out so havent scrapped in 6 days. And then when I went to scrap I had no ideas! I always do that. When I havent scrapped for a week its always hard to get back into the swing of things. Itll just take me a layout to come back :)

But here is a card set that I made yesterday. They were both made from one sheet of SR kraft. I LOVE my heidi swapp stamps. I also have the "happy birthday" one. and they make cardmaking so cheap and versatile!!!

I took some more pics on Friday of Liam and Brianna. Here are my favs out of the shoot:

And on Australia Day we went out for afternoon tea and couldnt resist the waterfeature in the middle of town! The kids had a ball! (and got very very wet!)

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Competition Winner!!!

The winner of the comp was Lis (http://lifeinsegments.blogspot.com/)!! so girly! email me: karen (at) tkday.net with ur postal address :D congrats!

Thanks everyone else for playing :D

Friday, 25 January 2008

Some photos, comp update, and some BIG NEWS!!!

My little man has decided he is finally going to start walking!!!!!! at 15 months of age he is now toddling everywhere. So I got the camera out yesterday and got some snaps. The first is my fav :) If you click on it to view larger its easier to see that the weed in the front has the focus while liam and everything else is blurry.

Plus, last week I was chatting with some girlfriends and they were saying that they didnt have any nice pics of themselves. So I threw a "Photo Party" on Tuesday and we took 188 photos in 2 hours ... that is with looking after the kids as well!!! we went nuts. and the photos are just amazing! We got about 10 nice photos of each girl, but these are my fav pics from each shoot:

Elisha (I LOVE the first pic of her and her boys hands):




You have till tonight at 7pm to get me some comments saying you have Purple Monkey Dishwasher lovin on your blog :D Win some Sassafras Lass stamps!!!
See here for more info

Ive joined the Scrapboxx Design Team :D woohoooooo!!! :) I am so looking forward to this new adventure and part of my scrap-life :D Maria is just fab and itll be alot of fun I reckon!!

Thankyou so much to Crafting in Style and Scrapbook'n'Bits for letting me be on your DTs during 2007. I have put personal notes on the forums for each of you!! Thanks for your input on my designs, the support, products, encouragement and inspiration you have given me during my stay in your DTs. I sincerely appreciate it :)

Monday, 21 January 2008

Chookscraps Cybercrop


Just quickly, I added a feature to my blog so you can subscribe to my blog. Itll automatically send you updates through your email when I post here. Very handy!!!

Lastnight I realised that Chookscraps had a CC on so I ducked over to check out the challenges. They have to be up before midnight tonight so there wasnt much time. But I managed to get two layouts done lastnight for it before bed. So that is FOUR layouts in one day!!!! that doesnt happen often for me :)

This was for challenge 3 - a sketch one:
this is a layout warning the teenage girls of the 2020's that there is a handsome ladies man coming their way. I included a girl hambly robot for the whole "future" theme. and from the photo it looks like he is checking her out! haha

How cool is this robot!!!! three cheers for Hambly!!

This was for challenge one: negative space, stamps and at least 2 photos. This was a quick one cos it was already 10.30 or something when I started.

And this morning I did this layout - "Perfect Fairytale Wedding". Im slowly scrapping all my wedding pics!!! :) I used leftovers of a class ages ago to do this one. the kit was so yummy!!

Today is day 14 of a "14 layouts in 14 days" challenge. Ive got 12 done. So I gotta do two more but i dont think ill make it cos im going out tonight!!! boooo!! oh well. Im happy with 12 layouts anyways :D

Sunday, 20 January 2008

A couple more layouts!

Today my darling husband that I love dearly gave me some time to myself and took care of the kids for me for awhile.

I had time to scrap TWO layouts already today!!! and im scrapping again tonight so ill do another one then :)

The second one didnt photograph well cos its raining today. its not as noticable on the first layout.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Catchup post #3 - Photos of me!!!!


Marni came out to Moranbah and we had a sleepover! woohoo so much fun! Big girls can have sleepovers too :D and while she was here we got some pics of each of us! Here are the fav ones of me. Im so glad we got some of me with the kids cos I dont actually have a nice one of me, brianna and liam all together.

This photoshoot was Elsie Flannigan inspired - but some pics are more elsie than others :)

Catchup post #2 - layouts since December


These are the layouts I havent uploaded to my blog. There are three layouts missing from these cos I did a layout for Tam, a layout for Terri and a layout for Marni that I either forgot to photograph or I cant find the photo! doh!

Anyways, here they are! The last one on this list has been accepted for publication by SC.