Karen Day

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

im teaching an online scrap class ...

i am sooooooooo nervous. like - really really nervous!!!!! legs like jelly nervous!

did i mention i was nervous?!?!?!?

im off to work on the layout now but ill post a sneak peak of it on thursday. so come back then and see it cos u may wanna come!

its a free class and the focus will be on doodling! gotta love the doodle (teehee!)


Sunday, 18 March 2007

so touched!

tonight when i got back from my night out with the girls i was doing my normal forum prowl and when i went to scrapboxx i saw they named me the Boxx Star of the Week. I am so greatly touched by this. I loved reading the comments - im a sucker for compliments :P probably because I dont get them a great deal. You girls are sweethearts!!!

i really want to scrap tonight but its already after midnight and plus troy is asleep in bed - and my scraptable is in the corner of our bedroom. hmmmmm thats annoying! i wanted to get into my 123 challenges.

i got through to the next round of the CIS search for a design team member! im now in the final six. so that is exciting! im working on the next project and its due in a week. i would tell u about it but then that would ruin the surprise :D ull have to wait!

bedtime i think. nothing else to do ! :)

Friday, 16 March 2007

I got my first DT pack from ScrapCompany!!!

I recieved my first DT Pack from the Scrapbooking Company and I adore all they sent me!! Ive created a great little tin but im not sure whether Im allowed to discuss it on here! so ill wait till i know and then ill tell yas about it if im allowed to :)

In other news Im into the next round of the CiS DT competition - how awesome!!! its down to 7 girls now so the competition is huge! i really hope i get this position, because then ill be where i want to be in regards to design teams!

my layout is gonna be in For Keeps next month. I recieved my paperwork yesterday. like the invoice and such. sooooooooo excited! keep an eye out for my little baby brianna. little cutie-pie.

also, for some insane reason ive been working on a personal website for myself. its most likely a waste of time but im having fun playing around with websites again after being a SAHM for so long!!! ill probably launch that one next week.

Sunday, 4 March 2007

A few layouts

Ive decided to not do the weekly summaries anymore because I quite often dont have time on a sunday to post them. So im just going to post my layouts here as I go. Here are the three layouts ive done over the last few days. I was on a week's holiday out of town before then so I didnt do anything last week.

  1. Dare to be rare
  2. You are loved
  3. Boo hoo

I missed my scrapping soooooooo much!!!!

Ive just done layout 17 out of my "20 layouts with current stash" challenge. so soon I will be able to spend up big to replace everything ive used LOL. Ive just put in an order at The Scrapbooking Company so that order should arrive around Wednesday/Thursday. And today Im also going to be placing an order at Crafting in Style. So that should be here around the same time.

Mmmmmmm i love scrap goodies :D

Thursday, 1 March 2007

The Scrapbooking Company - my new home!! :)

A couple of hours after my last post i left for a holiday! So it was easy not to blab which company i am now on a DT for. But Im allowed to say now!!!! I will be working with The Scrapbooking Company and I am soooo majorly excited!!!!!! They have 20 - 50% off all their stuff at the moment so you would be SO crazy not to head on over the grab a few specials. Ive ordered mine already so they should be arriving next week :D

I still cant believe im on a DT. I guess itll all sink in when I recieve my first pack. I cant wait to see what products Ill be getting to play with. its such an honor to be a part of this. to have someone like your style so much that they give you supplies to do stuff with!!! Its going to be so much fun!

When I get my pack ill take a photo and show yas! Its due to arrive next week with my order. so come back and check it out!