Karen Day

Friday, 29 June 2007

Layouts ... layouts ... and more layouts!!!!

Firstly, I have a class on tonight at Crafting in Style. If you arent doing anything its not too late to sign up :) check out more info here!

Secondly, I've had three more magazine submission approvals!!! yay!!!! three in Scrapbook Creations. and one in For Keeps. So exciting!!

I finished off a couple of unfinished layouts last weekend, plus did a few from scratch. Here are the results! Last weekend was sooo much fun! i scrapped tonnes and was in my own little world :D

And here are four of my layouts for my first month on the design team of Scrapbook'n'bits. I struggled with the "this man taught us" layout because ive never done a layout about my dad before. It was hard to think of some ideas for it! I knew the topic and journalling i wanted, but it just didnt seem to "come together" IYGWIM. I adore the "loving you is easy to do" layout - gorgeous colours!!! Anyways, here they are!

Sunday, 10 June 2007

DT info, cybercropping + layouts! yay!

First of all, Im scrappin this weekend at Crafting in Style so head on over and check out the challenges for a chance at some great prizes! ive done challenge 1 and 3 so far:

Challenge One entry:

Challenge Two entry:

i handpainted those florishes freehand. it was a bit scarey not even pencilling first but i was in a lazy mood tongue.gif

the tag just needs the date of the photos added, need to find that info out! smile.gif

both layouts are about brianna when she was a baby! ive been digging in her old pics!!!


And in other news Ive been offered a position at Scrapbook'n'Bits as a fulltime DT member!!! Exciting! They have a big special on at the moment. up to 40% off some stuff. up to 50% off some patterned papers! but alot of it has gone today so hurry up if u want to get some bargains!

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Ive been tagged by Liz!!! So here goes ...

Name three things that scare you... the thought of ppl someday maybe doing bad stuff to my kids, grasshoppers, cockroaches ..

The daggiest thing in your music collection... the wiggles??? its all i listen to these days :)

Your three favourite clothing items... my jeans, my denim skirt, my denim shorts .... can u tell i love denim???

Your partners most annoying habit... using toothpicks after every meal - including weetbix!

What stresses you out... the kids not sleeping when they should be

If I could change the world I would... make scrapbook supplies cheaper :)

Your favourite household chore… folding cloth nappies cos i normally do that during Dr Phil

If you had fifty bucks to spend at Target which section would you head straight for…homewares

In my next life I would like to come back as… the same person as i am now cos i could never be happier :)

Your least favourite celebrity… the blonde gay guy from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

I tag Rachael, Karen, and Fleurie! Have fun girlies :D

Also, today the June newsletter at Crafting in Style went out and it had a few projects in there that I created so I thought I would share them here. The theme for the newsletter was paper tearing and you can check it out here. Here are the 2 layouts and 2 cards I made from the kit I was sent. Gorgeous kit!!!

some layouts ive done this week!

Hi there!!! here are some layouts ive done this week. Ive also done a layout for Jan from CIS but I dont want to show it here until after she has recieved it in the mail :)

That gorgeous little felt birdy was made by Rachael Merrick!!! love the bird thanks rach!! :D

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

im sick :(

was up spewing most of lastnight so im surviving off 2 hours sleep. boohoo!!!

anyways, ive been so inspired with scrapbooking lately. Every now and then I get onto this scrapbooking wave where I have too many ideas and not enough time/photos/products!!! and ive been riding this wave for over a week now. im loving it. its so much fun!!! its a pity i couldnt take advantage of it more. i hate that there isnt more hours at nighttime to scrap when the kids are asleep :)

this weekend there is a cybercrop at crafting in style. so if u wanna crop with me this weekend thats where ill be hanging out :) i sooo cant wait! i got a printer so i can finally print photos from home so my photo options for layouts now is now so much more!! before i could only choose from what i had pre-printed at the store or over the internet.

This week I did Jan's layout of her gorgeous son and his fiance. and I did a layout of Brianna with her cousin Baden, one of troy from our wedding 6 years ago! and also a layout of liam. so ive had a pretty even spread of ppl in my layouts :) ill upload them later this arvo when im feeling energetic enough to go photograph the layouts.

also, for those who are interested im teaching an online scrapbooking class at Crafting in Style. all the kits are sold out (woohoo) but for only $5 you can attend the class and use your own products. for more info go here - http://www.craftinginstyle.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1799. id love to see yas there!!! the focus is on machine and hand stitching and its got some fun stuff in it :)

ill post back later with some layout photos :)