Karen Day

Monday, 13 October 2008

totally sucks :(

ages ago we were promised something very important to us. a house to rent.

a close friend of my husbands was waiting for a BMA house to move into for free rent and he said when that happens we would 100% definitely be able to have his house. we even got pre-approval from my hubby's work for the rent $ he was asking. so then we waited. and waited. and have been waiting for FIVE months.

in amongst this waiting we have been looking for a different house because we had no idea how long itd be till he got his BMA house. and nothing came up!! so we were relying on this house because he had said without a shadow of a doubt we could have it. and there is just NO housing available in moranbah!!!

so today he told my hubby that his BMA house finally come through!!!!! yay! kinda. now he has decided that he isnt really happy with working for BMA and has decided to turn down that house and maybe look for another job. he hasnt decided yet. but now he needs his house in case he moves to another company. so we definitely cant rent his house anymore.

its totally not his fault - obviously he has a right to go back on his word. its his house after all!!!! im not cranky at him or nothing. im just disappointed that we are stuck here ... yet again.

thats what i get for getting my hopes up. i so desperately wanted this house. its beautiful. im totally 100% bummed over this. totally and utterly. :( sob sob

im gonna get a bit churchy now. i dont normally do here but it is on my mind so too bad! :) if u dont want to read it, just close this window down.

i was wallowing in self pity and was getting a big angry with God, because he knows how much i want a new house. ive really not liked living here for over a year now. and when u arent happy with ur home it really takes alot out of you. and ive had to deal with that for about 14 months. he knew how much i was anticipating moving into there. i was so sulky that i was even gonna just skip my nightly bible readings kinda as a subconcious tantrum. and so i tsk-tsked myself for being so childish and opened up biblegateway.com like normal. and guess what the verse of the day was!

“For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”- Jeremiah 29:11

It certainly did lift my spirits. i am still bummed over the house. but i know things will work out for us. God is good. :) I just have to trust in Him.


In completely other news - i forgot to tell yas that i lost weight when i weighed in last Thursday :D :D :D I went from 80.8 down to 79.9 ---- booooyaaaaaah!!! :D im a 70s girl. woop woop! :) Ill let yas know how i go this thursday :)

Have a nice night!!

xxx K

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Oh my goodness!! I got cover again!

I just about passed out when I got word that I had Scrapbook Creations cover again. I am in total shock. This layout I didnt even think was anything special!!! But I guess thats they way it goes - you do a layout which you think looks good, and it doesnt even get chosen for publication. And then you submit layouts just for the hell of it and they get chosen!

I havent got my own copy of the magazine yet as the local newsagency hasnt got it in yet (typical moranbah!!!). So here is a tiny image of it taken from one of the online magazine subscription websites. I guess you can kinda make it out! haha.

Here is the layout itself. Its a bad pic once again. Bit fuzzy in the corner. I did this layout as a part of an article written by Tatum Woodroffe. I cant wait to see the whole article!!

I went through a craze where I was using this SR paper leaf cutouts on every layout :)

Hopefully the mag will be here tomorrow!


In other news, we just got back earlier in the week from a short mini-holiday in mackay. We woke up on Saturday morning and thought "lets go to mackay". So 2 hours later we were on the highway, bags packed, kids eating brekky in the car. It was such an amazing relaxing time. I reckon the unexpected holidays are the best ones :) even if they are short!

we took brianna to the movies, went to the blue water lagoon for some water play, fed the ducks geese and pelicans at the gooseponds, and hung out. we got babysitting on saturday night so troy and i could go out on a date ;)

we came back feeling like we had been gone for a week! Here are a few random snaps:

feeding the ducks (there were TONNES of ducks!!!!)

My boy isnt afraid of anything! this goose was nearly as big as he is.

This duck reminds me of our old pet duck "My Muscovy". They are the same type of duck - a muscovy. But my duck was cuter cos he was all white but he had a black mohalk! he was awesome. I miss him. He was a beautiful duck! He used to sleep on our feet.

Brianna is getting a really adorable little splatter of freckles on her cheeks!!! Its so cute :) If u click on this photo to view bigger u can just see them.

Enjoy your night!

xxx K

Friday, 3 October 2008

fresh out of the oven: rose moka!!!!

i thought i had died and went to heaven when i went to the LSS in mackay and my eyes rested on the most amazing papers ive seen!!! maybe it was just cos i was sick of seeing the same old designs, but i bought one of each sheet they stocked. the colours are vibrant, the designs fresh, and they had yellow! and if u dont know - yellow is my fav colour!

this isnt a great photo of the layout. the colours look washed out. but i took this photo as it was nearly dark so thats my bad!

If you havent seen any Rose Moka products yet check their blog out:
If you scroll down a bit u will see all their mini alphabets. if you know anyone in australia who stocks them let me know cos i am 100% positive ill be buying them in each colour available. how cool!!!!! drool drool drool!

and just for shares, here is the photo im scrapping tonight. this is the best photo i have of me and my sisters and brother together. i am the oldest girl, im on the far right. my bro is older than me and my two sisters are there as well. the one next to me is the youngest.

my mum was keen for it i reckon. 4 kids in 5 years!!!! LOL. couldnt my parents keep their hands off each other?? :) they are STILL like that! haha. its a bit embarrasing when i stay there and i see my mum walking around in her sexy nighties. have a bit of decency you young hooligans!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

surely my scales are lying to me!??!?!?!???

I weighed myself today because Ive noticed that my summer clothes dont fit me like last year. i knew that i had put on a bit of weight but i had NO IDEA!!!!!!!! I have put on 8 kgs in a year. EIGHT KILOS!!!!!!

and the worst bit is that now im an "eighties girl". my weight today is 80.8kg. this is so depressing.

and so today i started WW again. today went really well. i was tempted a couple of times but resisted. the hard bit is that in moranbah cos its a small mining town u rely on your friends heaps. this means that your social life is pretty full on. we have playdates every single day, at least once a day. we generally meet a friend or two for morning tea every weekday, and then maybe 3 afternoon teas a week. sounds excessive but i love my friends and the kids adore getting together. but this means LOTS of cakes and bikkies.

so ive told a couple of friends today, and ill tell some more tomorrow, to not serve me cakes! slap me across the face if im so much as looking at a bikkie. especially if chantal cooks cos she is a genius in the kitchen.

so here is my goal. im reluctant even as i type this, but it MUST be done! there is a challenge on the WW forums which i put my hand up for tonight. its 10 kilos in 12 weeks. Christmas is 12 weeks away TODAY!!! i would ADORE to be a 60s girl by Christmas. that is just over 10 kilos. we will see how i go :)

so here is my official week one weighin announcement:

week 1 (2 oct): 80.8kgs (goal for next week - be a 70s girl!)

ill definitely post next thursdy and let yas know how my weighin has gone :D im not gonna touch my scales till then!

xxx K

PS. i forgot to photograph the layout i did lastnight so ill share that tomorrow

PPS. i miss chocolate already

PPPS. im totally gonna buy a new outfit when i hit 75kgs.

PPPPS. goodnight :)

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

yay fun night planned! :D

i have some gorgeous papers from a company i havent scrapped with before - cant remember the name off the top of my head!!! so tonight im having a scrap night just for me! I havent had much of a chance to do this lately so tonight Im going to indulge :)

i could have done it lastnight but it seems my scrap table has become a dumping ground because I havent been scrapping much. so today I cleaned it off. and a clean scrap table always inspires me!!!

just gotta wait for troy to get out of the shower and fill up the ink cartridge for the printer ... *rolls eyes* ... why cant he be here to fulfill my every need when i need him?!?!?!?? anyone would think that i wasnt the most important person in his life. haha. i get so impatient sometimes. i swear his shower has taken at least 4 minutes so far! humpf!

tomorrow ill have shares. hopefully. i feel like im neglecting my albums. the kids will find a gaping hole in the albums where i havent been scrapping and there are no pics of them for a period of months :)

enjoy your night ladies.