Karen Day

Monday, 30 April 2007

The Scrap Company - April DT Kit - Completed

Here are the DT layouts Ive done with the kit Nerrida sent me from the Scrapbooking Company. Go check out their site cos they have just started this new section of their store where you can order just one of certain things. its great for those who dont want to buy a whole pack of something!!


Ive also done a few layouts for my DT spot at Crafting in Style but im not allowed to share those so you will have to sign up for their next newsletter to see them :D


And here is a layout i did just for me!!! its nice to fit those in between the DT layouts :D


Im going to be teaching a class very soon at Blumars! So hopefully Ill have more info soon. Check back later for an update! Check out the great comp they have on their blog!!!

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Ive been away for a week and a bit!!

hi all! i feel like i havent blogged in AGES!! ive been in mackay for 8 days relaxing and kicking back :D it was so much fun! i got some scrapping done too so that is always a bonus!

A few bits of news ... firstly my first publication is out in For Keeps at the moment :D Its issue # 54. And its on page 67. I really am not too happy with the layout. I did it nearly a year ago and its very simple. But I submit everything that suits the theme :) At least its a great pic of brianna!

Secondly, I got a VERY EXCITING email from Scrapbook Creations!!!! I have been chosen to be their Artist in the Spotlight for SC46!! They are publishing two of my layouts and are sending me through a questionnaire for me to answer. I am so thrilled and humbled that they chose me! It totally blew me away. I just about fell off my chair when I read the email.

Thirdly, Ive been tagged TWICE!! By Crissy and also Manon! :D

so this is what i have to do. I have to list 7 random facts/habits about myself. Then I need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. I then visit their blog and leave them a comment so they know theyve been tagged! So here goes ....

1. I used to be an avid (obsessed) computer gamer ... particular FPS games
2. I started dating my DH at 17, engaged at 18, then married at 19.
3. I have 2 younger sisters and 1 older brother
4. I have an unexplainable phobia of grasshoppers
5. Much to the shock horror of some people I still use my humble gluestick sometimes on my scrap layouts! eeep! :) depends on what im gluing.
6. One of my fav ways to eat timtams is to lick off all the choc, then seperate the two biscuits, then eat the cream in the middle, then dunk the biscuits into my cuppa. takes ages and its weird ... but i need to savour every crumb cos im on Weight Watchers
7. I think Orlando Bloom is the hottest male celeb!

Ok ... and i cant find ANYONE who hasnt had this tag yet so i wont pass it on. seriously! all the blogs i visit have been tagged :D

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Competition at The Scrapbooking Company!

Win a fantastic Embellishment caddy. Just purchase this months Mothers Day kit or one of the Provocraft tin class or Kaboodle kits and create a layout or OTP about your Mum. Email your entries to layouts@thescrapbookingco.com.au by May 4th. Winner announced May 5th! (Some embellishments are included).

PLUS get your FREEBIE this month for entering. Every order recieves a free 4 piece MY MINDS EYE KIT. (Kits may vary).

Check out all the info on the Scrapbooking Company's website. I wish I could enter!!!! That embellishment caddy looks awesome!!!

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Blumar's DT information

I just got my contract information from Blumars and Im so excited!!!! Here is the deal:
  • I get a set kit from them to work with in just normal layouts
  • Plus I get to choose my own products to teach a class with and they are supplied for free.
  • I must teach one class a month
I cant wait till their shop and forums are up and going so I can meet the other DT members and start chatting! Ill supply a link here once its going :D

I cant wait! ill have to think of a really good idea for my first class. If you want me to let you know when it is leave a comment here and ill email you with the details when I know.

Friday, 13 April 2007

For Keeps Acceptance!!

YaY!! another For Keeps acceptance!! I dont know which issue its for (if you know pls let me know!) but it was a call for OTP items. Its the hot pink photo album I uploaded here about a week ago.


Thursday, 12 April 2007

Crafting in Style DT April Kit

woohoo it arrived today!!! its so wonderfully beautiful - thanks Jolene! But unfortunately I will remain tightlipped with this DT kit so no letting onto what is actually inside! you will have to check out the next newsletter to find out :)

Im finding that my to-do list is growing and I'm getting a bit lost. So im adding a to-do list on the right that ill keep on updating so that i dont forget anything.

I STILL havent done Liz and Kelly's layouts - i MUST get those photos processed so I can get onto that. My problem is that I cant print photos at home so have to go get them done at the store. so when i do have time i dont have them printed!! so I must make time this arvo to go get it done after troy gets home. ill dump the kids on him :P

Hoping to get some scraptime today but I doubt it because I have a fair bit of work to do around the house. Fingers crossed it get it done on time!!! :)

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

The Scrap Company - April DT Kit

Here are all the delish goodies I got from the Scrap Company this month (thanks Nerrida - you rock!). Go check out their clearance section cos the hot pink with black polka dot flowers I used in the 'journey' layout in my last blog post is on special at the moment for a crazy $2.95. They look awesome!

Everything here apart from the Basic Grey stuff is from the main kit. The main kit is due at the end of the month (so I havent started that yet), but the Basic Grey mini-kit was due ASAP so I did the two layouts for it over the last 24 hours. Scroll down past the photos of the supplies to see those two layouts.

Here are the two layouts I did with the BG papers:

U R so darn cute:


The Scrapbooking Company

Woohoo I got into CIS!!!

Hi all, You are now reading the blog of the new DT member over at Crafting in Style!!!!!! oh my goodness what a DT comp that was!!! it was so intense. I think its been going for something like around 8 weeks? I dont remember, but its been awhile!

I was in the finals with Tash and Karen, who are both so talented and inspirational!! I cant believe I won!

So head on over to the forums and chat yourself into a frenzy :) Ill seeya there!


Also, here was my third and final layout for the Top 50 Cybercrop that was on over the Easter weekend:

I loved using all those polka dots. I was in a polka frenzy :P

Today I also recieved THREE parcels in the mail that were scrap related. I was so excited when the post-woman came!!!! I got:

1. My Chookscraps Pack + some other goodies (chipboard alphas, WIP album, ringbinder refills)
2. My Scrapbooking Company DT Kit (oooh yummy!) + some flowers and 2 sets of chippy alphas.
3. My "Photo Swap" layout from Kelly and some white signo pens from KitiQ.

Thankyou SOOOOO much kelly I just love and adore and treasure that layout!!! its so beautiful :) my husband loves it too :D wonderful work. I just hope you like your layout as much as I love mine!!!

Monday, 9 April 2007

Cybercrop layouts + some interesting news!

Firstly, on Saturday I did Karen's class over at CIS and I the results!! The focus was on distressing and this what I walked away from the class with:

These cute little canvases are 15cms squared and they turned out great. I loved doing all that sanding/inking and crumpling. Great class Karen!!!! :D

Secondly, Ive partially finished the challenges from this weekends cybercrop at Scrapbooking Top 50. Im gonna finish the last one tomorrow, but these are the challenges Ive done:

This was a layout that had to be purple and white, with a small amount of green. I used my new journalling stamps by Lil Davis! How cool are they!!! Also, the background is an old sheet of chatterbox I ripped up then stitched to my layout.

This next layout was a sketch challenge that had to be monochromatic. Its a simple layout but I love it anyways cos its got my two gorgeous boys in it :)

And in some VERY interesting news I applied for a Guest DT position at Blumars the other day and I got a phone call today from Maria and she has offered me a FullTime DT position!!! So I was really stoked about that.

Itll be interesting though because tomorrow the winner of the CIS DT competition is going to be announced and Im a finalist there.

But the good thing is that Jolene from CIS said that at the moment the DT position would be very small and would only involve 1 layout a month. So this means I can definitely fit these two commitments in along with my normal Scrapbooking Company commitment (that IS if I get into CIS .... There is alot of competition there!!!).

Wow I think ill be busy!!!! But ill love it :D I scrap too much! So ill definitely fit them all in.

Enjoy the last few hours left of the ultra-long weekend. :)

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Cybercrop this weekend!!!

Scrapbooking Top50 Cybercrop this weekend!!!

Thats where I will be hanging out :) So head on down to check out the challenges. Ive already finished one!

I not only did the purple/green challenge at the cybercrop tonight, but I have also done Jakitz's two layouts from her online class tonight. That was so much fun! I did 2 canvases instead of layouts though. And Im really happy with the end result. She focused on distressing so I had fun with tearing/scrunching/inking and all things destructive :)

Ill upload the layouts tomorrow.

Have a fantastic Easter everyone!

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Aussie ScrapJacked: Erica Glover

I totally adore Erica and she really has to be my #1 ScrapIdol! I know that is weird that I have "ScrapIdols" ... but she is just someone who is always true to herself and her style and is just totally adorable. I mean seriously ... anyone who can have SO MANY KIDS and still remain a fully functioning and contributing woman is just amazing!

Anyways, click here to see the post in ScrapJacked which displays her layout .... and here is my interpretation:

And also I had a spare 10 mins lastnight so I added a few little bits and pieces to a hotpink 24-page photo album I got given by my sis. Im planning on filling it with black and white photos of brianna being silly in the year 2006.

Have a great Easter weekend everyone :)

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Class: Dreamy Doodeling

Lastnight I taught my first class! it was at Crafting in Style and it went fantastically well. Im not actually sure how many people completed the whole class as layouts are still be uploaded, but we had 18 ppl at the beginning of the class.

It was so much fun!! And ive had lots of good feedback so Im happy. I was a bit worried that people would have hated it!

If your interested, the class info is still available and can be viewed here.

The layouts everyone completed can be viewed here.


In other news my second DT pack left the Scrapbooking Company today so I am expecting it on maybe Monday or Tuesday next week. I cant wait to have a play with it. Nerrida mentioned the words "new Basic Grey" and immediately I was busting to get it!!! So check back mid next week for the projects I create with those kits. She wants them back ASAP so I expect itll only take me a couple of days to knock over a few projects.


There is a new Aussie Scrapjacked website out and the first aussie to get jacked is Erica Glover - and i adore her scrapping! she is one of my favs! so im in the middle of doing my interpretation of her layout. Ill upload that one either later today or tomorrow.


In other news I was a finalist in the DT competition over at Froggy Todd Creations but unfortunately I had to pull out because I realised that they want exclusivity in their DT. Which means I would have to give up my DT position at the Scrapbook Company. And there is no way Im doing that. They are too nice to me and I am so impressed with their service and kits. Wonderful people. So my loyalty is to them. Its a shame though! I would have liked to represent Froggy Todd Creation's business cos they have some really nice people and products!

But Shawnnita is still in the finals - goooo shawnnita!!!!!! Im sure u will do well :D

Monday, 2 April 2007

My first DT month complete!!!

Wow what a fun time I had with the DT kits that I got sent from The Scrapbook Company. I was so impressed with the range of stuff they sent me and couldnt wait to get started :)

Here is what I got:

KIT ONE (I also got a tin with this):



And here is what I did with it all:

"WISHES FOR YOU" MINIALBUM for Liam (I also used a Maya Road chipboard album and those gorgeous Hambly overlays in this album)

"LOVENOTES" TIN for Brianna

And 2 Layouts:

Go check out the Scrapbooking Company's website - my layouts will be up there soon :)