Karen Day

Friday, 22 February 2008

Couples photoshoot and other stuff :)

Scrapware Projects:

Firstly, Ive been busy working over the last few days developing three projects for Scrapware. Two layouts and a minialbum. And I am totally utterly and devotedly (is that a word) in love with their products. And I honestly am not just saying that because Im on their DT! haha. I promise :) My problem is that I only had old chipboard and hadnt bought anything new in AGES! But Ange sent me this divine "intro" package that is chockablock FULL of every shape u could ever want in chipboard. And it totally has me inspired!!!!!!!

I so wish I could share but I cant just yet :) But all three items have immediately gone to the top of my fav projects Ive done. So u will have to check back for those :)

Scrapboxx Cybercrop:

There is a Cybercrop on a Scrapboxx tomorrow night at 8pm AEST so be there or be square!!!!! :) itll be apples. So check it! The divine Miss Tammy Templeton will be the hostess with the mostest :D

Im setting a challenge but not sure what yet! haha. Ill have a think tomorrow and see where the example layout leads me :)

Elisha + Kyle = Totally cute together = Couples photoshoot

I did my first "couples" photoshoot and it was alot of fun :) It was a couple of weeks ago but I forgot to share the pics here. I couldnt pick my favs so here is kinda like a top 10 list. But its not really. Cos my list is really like Top 30 - and I love them all the same. We got so many beautiful shots. In quite alot of them you can see the closeness between Kyle and Elisha. They look so beautiful and comfortable together. They are so sweet and perfect together :)

I think this one is my fav, but im not sure. I like so many of them!!

Maybe this one is my fav?

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Scrapboxx Newsletter & "Pay it Forward"

Pay it Forward

February is LOVE month over at Scrapboxx.......and we're spreading it around....


SCRAPBOXX are running a special Pay It Forward promotion, where I get to give you a 15% discount voucher, simply visit their store at http://www.scrapboxx.com.au/ and put in this code when you checkout your order:-


and your 15% discount will be automatically calculated for you. The Scrapboxx Design Team are running their own special promotion - If you mention MY NAME in the comments of your order 5% from every 3 orders that mention MY NAME will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation. And don't forget - you can pay it forward too ! For details on how you can offer your friends 15% off their orders and earn discounts for yourself – click here!

So spread the word! But hurry - this promotion is valid from now until midnight EST Friday 29th February 2008.

(Please note - 15% discount is not valid against already discounted/sale items that are up to 80% off already, monthly kits, retreat classes and packages)


Yesterday my first Scrapboxx Projects went to live :) Here are my first projects for the Boxx ...

Current Boxx of Scraps:

How delicious are these colours???

xxx K

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Over the weekend I went to a Breakfast at Tiffany's theme party and it was SO MUCH FUN getting all dressed up!!!!! I had this gorgeous big hat coupled with my wedding bling and some huge sunglasses and some velvet gloves and pearls.

I adore getting dressed up all posh!!

Here are a couple of pics of me and a few of Elisha (it was her birthday). There arent many pics of me because I was really doing the shoot for her to commemorate her special night :)

ELISHA: My fav is the B/W photo 2nd from the top.

This next one was taken on a $2 Carousel machine out the front of the Coles Supermarket registers. There were TONNES of ppl lining up getting their groceries only meters from us and we were getting some weird looks. hahaha. but it was worth it - i love this shot!!!!

Do you like the hat photo in colour or B/W the most??? i cant decide.

Friday, 15 February 2008

"As Beautiful as a Butterfly" Class Details

Crafting in Style
19th March - 7.15pm (starting no later than 7.30pm) so please dont be late!

Purchase class kits HERE for $15
Purchase class access HERE for $5

Sneakee Peakee is up!!! :D

And as if I can have a class and not have a giveaway!!!!!!

Some of you may know that here on my blog I am running a "Secret Competition" with a "Secret Prize". So Ive decided that for this class I will give away the SAME PRIZE as the one im giving away on my blog!! So im giving away two separate prizes - one for blog, one for the CIS class!!!

To be eligible you must come and join in on the class on the 19th March. And then upload your completed layout to the CIS gallery before MIDNIGHT the 20th March. Easy peasy lemon squeezey :)

To see the class requirements go HERE!!

Its my last project for the CIS Design Team so I really hope you can make it. Its going to be a special night for me :)

Much love!

xxx K

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Crafting in Style - February Newsletter

Yesterday the Feb edition of the CIS Newsletter came out and it had my last contributions to the newsletter in it!!! So it was kinda sentimental. Ive still got a class to do at CIS - but then I wont be on the DT there anymore. Its sad cos its like a chapter of my scrapping history is now closing! Ive been on that DT since early last year.

Anyways, I was given some BG Two Scoops to play with, along with a couple of transparency titles and some Fozz Felt.

And old photo that I LOVE of Brianna:

I adore these pics of Liam with his little mower. He is such a little boy now:

And this is my good friend Shawnnita. She is just divinely beautiful - inside and out. I love her to bits and pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so glad that we found each other when I moved to Moranbah. I made this for her and gave it to her on her birthday:

Im busy busy busy preparing for tomorrow's Valentines Day morning tea!!!! I believe that Valentines Day can be about more than just romantic love ... it can be about the love between friends as well!! So Ive invited over some friends for morning tea tomorrow to celebrate VDay! Its gonna be so much fun!

Ive been cooking away in the kitchen and have so far made a mudcake and some choc caramel slice. But Ive still got the pink cupcakes to go!!!

And I also managed to do nearly a whole layout while the kids slept. Its for my first lot of DT projects for Scrapboxx. The kit was divine and Ive had so much fun playing! I just have to put the title on and its all finished :) Cant wait to share!!!!

Also - dont forget that EVERY comment on EVERY post made before I unveil the surprise goes in the draw to win the secret prize!!! And yes - I will blatantly bribe u to come visit me :) I dont care!!! haha

xxx K

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Stamping Techniques

Ive just finished my TEN PART series on stamping over at Crafting in Style. It was inspired by the AL book "Perfectly Clear". If you want to see all the stamping techniques clickity click on this link.

The last technique was stamping onto foam. I used a Love Elsie stamp on some pinky-red foam. then cut around it. used a popdot to secure to some silver wings, then pop-dotted again to adhere to just a simple black card. a really small one. this is going to be used at the VDay morning tea at my place on thursday. Ill put a chocolate under each card. Simple but effective :)

Ive got four leftover hearts on wings. in the below photo they look more pinky - but the heart colour is more similar to the above pic. If you want some leave a comment below. Im going to the posty this arvo. So the first two ppl to comment below asking for them can have two each. But yas will have to be quick cos im leaving in about 2 hours. :) if you are one of the first two please email me your addy - karen (at) tkday.net

Monday, 11 February 2008

Ive got some fabulous ... amazing ... wonderful ... life-changing news

But I cant tell u yet ........


But what I CAN do is run a competition that has something to do with this secret ... but i wont tell u the secret! All I can tell you is that you will WANT to win this prize. It is so exciting! I dont know what I should call this competition - maybe "The Secret Competition"? That will do. If you think of a better idea let me know :D

And so "The Secret Competition" begins. Am I being mysterious enough??? Are you trying to guess?? Dont bother asking me cos I aint telling u what it is! No questions will be answered :D

To win this comp leave messages on my posts. Every comment made on my blog until the day the big secret is unveiled will be saved and added to the draw for the prize. It may be two weeks, it may be four weeks. I have no idea.

But leave comments!!!!!! Cos you may be disappointed if you dont have an entry in :D

SSSSsssssssh ... dont tell anyone!!

Some more layouts and stuff :)

this layout is in the current Scrapbook Creations Magazine for the 20 min section of 20:40:60.

i felt a bit restricted with products for this layout but it turned out ok. im not hugely fussed on it.

for those white letters they are actually wood. so it lifted that whole middle matt off the layout. you can see it more in the second photo.

This was for my second last weekly stamping technique. This technique is stamping onto felt. the felt is behind the title. it was white with gold polkadots (hard to see here). I stamped onto it with a Lil Davis stamp. Im so glad that I endeavoured to do this whole challenge for myself. cos ive had so much use out of my stamps!

Ive got lots of other goodies to show you but its all DT work so you will have to wait :D Not long though!!! The CIS Newsletter comes out maybe tomorrow (??) and Ive got three layouts there (quick go sign up!!!!!!!!!!!) And the Scrapboxx Newsletter comes out after the 15th. So go sign up for that one also :D

Peace out!!!! (haha what a dag!)

Monday, 4 February 2008

Scrapware Design Team :D

Yesterday morning I got a very exciting email! I had contacted Scrapware regarding a design team competition they were running - and then yesterday I got an email back saying that I had been accepted! How wonderful!! 2008 seems to be bringing me some new challenges that I will embrace and learn from ... while being inspired at the same time :D What a winning combo! :)

Scrapware designs and laser cuts wooden, chipboard and acrylic embellishments and beyond the page projects. How cool!!!

Also on the Scrapware team is:

Kim Arnold - http://kimarnold.typepad.com/
Cassandra Glass -
Coby Kooy - http://www.rebelwithacause.typepad.com/
Michelle Vass - http://imexpensive.blogspot.com/
Kathie Link - http://kathielink.blogspot.com

In other DT news keep checking back because I have two classes being taught in March. One at ScrapbooknBits and the other at Crafting in Style! I should have some sneak peaks into those two classes here in the next fortnight!

Ive been working on a few layouts/OTP/Cards ... so here is a bit of eyecandy for yas all ...

This first layout is about the differences in my kid's thoughts when at the beach.

Used spraypaint on this layout for something different.

A card from brianna to one of her boyfriends this valentines day :)

A Bella minialbum that I chopped up to make smaller. Each page starts with "I love ..."

Catchya later alligators!