Karen Day

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

my boy is growing too fast :(

Today I edited this photo that i took of liam a couple of days ago .... the day before my new camera! doh! anyways - it totally reminds me of how quick time flies. especially seeing as he is in his little pinstripe suit here. too adorable. my baby is growing so quick :(

thank goodness for scrapbooking - it helps me to capture each stage he is at. but still - its making me feel a bit sad. probably cos one of my closest friends here just found out she is preggers (woohoo!!!!) and Im not planning on having more.

but one thing that made me happy today is I got an email from Kim at SC and she has invited me to write an article!!!!!!! how exciting! my first one :) so i gotta get on top of that one quickly while my mind is buzzing with ideas!

xxx K

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

KDD blog is now live!!!

ive decided to start off another blog specifically for my KDD stuff. I wasnt too happy having it all here on my personal scrapping blog. I prefer it seperate! Anyways, so if u wanna keep up to date with the latest KDD goss and for chances to participate in blog parties and giveaways then head on over to ...


It went live about 10 mins ago :)

And also - check out my new baby!!!! Nikon D60. MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm. It arrived yesterday in the mail courtesy of my darling, wonderful, spectacular husband. I didnt think i could love him more but now i think i do!! haha.

But I dont think he was too impressed lastnight when I said we had to co-sleep my new camera until he was used to his new surroundings. And no, he didnt sleep on my pillow .... he slept on my bedside table. (and yes, my camera is a "he")

Here is a layout I recently did for Pencillines. I was the guest designer this week. So much fun!!!
Check it out - the layouts this week are amazing (as always!!)

xxx K

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Coming soon to a computer screen near you!


I love having little projects to work on. And Ive wanted to be a part of a challenge blog for a little while, but noone asked me (boohoo - haha). So I thought I may as well start up my own little venture :)

So keep an eye out! There will be layouts, monthly KDD giveaways, layouts, competitions, layouts, blog parties and even more layouts :) Ive already got a list of 10 lucky ladies who will recieve KDD giveaways this week coming. So check your mailboxes if I have your postals!!!

FIRST BLOG PARTY THIS FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!!! So keep that night free ladies :D

can i get a *woop woop*!?! so much fun!!!

Blog should be up by tuesday night :)

also - guess what!??!!??! Im sorry to talk about KDD so much tonight but i just cant help myself. ive got too much to talk about and my husband is sick of me talking about it to him :D so i have to put it here!! KDD has only been out for something like 3 weeks. and so far there has been over A HUNDRED AND FIFTY packs sold to stores!!!!! for me this is exciting. u should see it popping up in stores cos it was all sent out over the last week.

xxx K

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Some fun stuff to share! :)

Last night was SO much fun!!! it was great to be able to do some therapy scrapping IYGWIM. ive missed it so much :)

Firstly Im entering the comp at the Paper Trunk blog! So I did this layout for that lastnight. Must not forget to email that!! I always forget stuff like that haha.

This one was just for fun. Brianna and Troy are soooooooo sweet together!!! Ever since I bought this BG Boxer paper ive wanted to use it with this MM diecut sheet. they go well together.

I also did two layouts for the current Scrapbooking Top 50 monthly competitions. But Im not allowed to upload those to my blog yet. I have to wait till the comp finishes. But u can check out my layouts here:

"Mothers are a blessing" - I had SO much fun with paint and pencils for this one. its WAY too thick fit into my album. my bad!! :)

"Weeeeeeeee" - this was a sketch challenge. But I wanted to go two steps further for some personal challenges. I wanted to use up two sheets of bazzill in a colour i dont use - medium toned blue. and also do a double-page layout ... which i bascially never do! So it was fun :)

Scrapbook Creations

I got an email from Scrapbook Creations yesterday and the following layout of my friend Elisha's family got accepted in issue #59 for the theme: Families. Its been ages since I sent in any to be considered so it was nice to get one accepted when I sent a few emails in last week. gotta love SC!!! mwah!

Have a wonderful night peeps.

xxx K

Friday, 25 April 2008

i spy with my little eye ....

a blog post!!! well ... kinda a blog post.

i just wanted to say that im still around and all that! but i havent had much time for scrapping so havent been blogging.

but i do have some layouts to share :) ive been scrapping tonight so ive got some goodies! ill post them up over the next couple of days!

xxx K

Thursday, 17 April 2008

another secret!!! oooh i quite the secret-keeper now arent i!!!

I have a secret ... Sssssshhhh! will announce in the next fortnight. but it requires a headshot. so here is what i looked like this morning! it was so cold here this morning so ive got my PJ bottoms under my dress and ive still got bedhair in this pic. just straightened the front so i looked half decent. i feel alot more comfortable behind the camera taking other ppls pics - so ive gotta get used to sharing pics of me!

And my beautiful neighbour Leeann got induced today!!!!!!!!!!! no word yet. I have no idea what she had. But I took these pics of her just before she went into town to have the bub. ive been thinking of her all day so thought i would share. we got sooo many beautiful photos its hard to choose which are my favs!

hopefully ill soon be able to share some photos of her little newborn!!!

xxx K

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Which Desperate Housewife are you???

Go on!! Do the quiz and find out!!! Then scrap your answer as part of the Scrapboxx monthly Book of Me challenge! Im in charge this month and this is the layout I came up with:

Maria asked me to design a couple of acrylic stamps to match the papers so they are included in the kit if you wanna purchase that one as well. These are exclusive to the kits so go GET IT!! You get two stamps in the kit. One is shown above. Check them out over at the Boxx!!

so for a bit of fun you have to do this quiz: http://uk.tickle.com/test/desperatehousewives.html

do NOT fill out the contact details at the end, just click "Skip this step" .. you dont have to fill out the details. Then you have to scrap a page about your results. Do you agree? Disagree? what type of housewife do u think you are??? Thought I would keep it very lighthearted and fun

Im sposed to be like Bree!!!! I think I am partly Bree - but i see alot of Susan in me too. what about u???

Upload by the end of the month!

xxx K

How exciting!!

Im seeing KDD pop up in places now - a couple of DT blogs and a little bit from ppl after the SIA when there was some class or samples available I think?!!! this has to be the most exciting thing to happen in my lil old country life in a while :D Here are a few Ive spotted around the place:

Found on Michelle Vass's Blog (clouds):

Found on Kathie Link's blog (trees) and also at Scrapboxx gallery:

Found in a minialbum on Kim Arnold's blog (birdie):

Ive seen it in two other places but cant think of where ?!?

Anyways, its now up on the Scrapware wholesale page so send your stockists HERE and request some stuff :) Its now released to the public. Let the fun begin!!

Ive already sent off some more designs so u will see them coming out soon. There should be new stuff each month. yippee!!

xxx K

Monday, 14 April 2008


I have no idea why, but i signed up for an etsy shop. i dont know what im gonna do with it but maybe ill think of something soon :D ill keep ya posted!!! If you have any ideas feel free to comment and let me know!! Maybe I could embellish my KDD Scrapware products and sell them decorated and ready to use on your layouts. I dunno - Ill have a think

Scrapware competition:

After the random draw the winner is Tam - with the username "Tam, Brad, Jasmine and Ethan" but you dont have a profile set with Blogger so I dont know who you are sorry!!! can you please email me at karen @ tkday.net so I can pass on your details to Ange from Scrapware so she can organise your prize :)

Scrapbooking Creations

Marni ^^

So I get my copy of SC today and my beautiful friend Marni Telford has totally ROCKED this issue!!!!!!!!! She had her name on the front cover - which I got so excited about for her. And then she had TWO articles included. One was a fabulous article about scrapping styles being influenced by fashion eras. And also a second article about her scrapping space. Plus she had another beautiful layout in the quickgrabs section. Talk about rocking the scraps!!! *snaps* to you babe - you did a wonderful job!!!

I hadnt realised this issue was coming up soon. I also had two layouts in the Quickgrabs. And this reminded me that I really must submit to magazines again. Because its been a good couple of months since I did that I think. It feels like forever. Anyways, Ive posted these before, but these were in SC#53 - out yesterday i think.

Have a wonderful week girls!! mwah mwah!!!

xxx K

Saturday, 5 April 2008

a bit of inspiration for you ...

Sheye Rosemeyer is an amazing ... AMAZING ... photographer. her blog sometimes makes me sad, alot of the time makes me happy. her children are beautiful. i love these pics of her sister.
specially this shot - http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_krVhRo_Kitg/R-Mu5YbLGpI/AAAAAAAABfo/4wN3lSn0q1w/s1600-h/w_MG_1509cropr.jpg

totally fun!!

also check this for something more dramatic! love.


hope this inspires you to go grab ur camera and experiment :) i wish i was better so i could go photograph ppl!

xxx K

Friday, 4 April 2008

i realised today ....

my boobs have shrunk.

liam weened himself 3 weeks ago suddenly (it broke my heart) and my milk has officially dried up. boohooo!!!! i put on a bra today and realised that it could be used as a tote bag while still actually ON my body!!! there is THAT much space in there!! I could fit my whole bazzill collection in one cup, and all my tools in the other. its very sad to tell u the truth!!

So after this post im going to have a moment of silence to mourn what is gone forever for me.

And then when this sickness is gone ... its time to go shopping ...


xxx K

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Time for a Scrapware sneak peak i think!!!

If you are a mini-album-aholic like me then u NEED ... i repeat NEEEEEEEEDDDD this minialbum. it is so utterly adorable i guarantee it will inspire u beyond belief. i actually decorated mine at a crop last weekend and there was four of us at the table. and it is so gorgeous two of the other three girls said they were gonna get it. I dont know what im allowed to tell yas, but ill just say that its a mixed medium album with windows etc.

Here is a sneak peak. This album will be avail after the 9th April. So get you store to stock it!!

Over at Scrapboxx it's my turn to set the weekly challenge. This is what I set: create a layout that has two or more photos, and also has something that flies - a bird/butterfly/plane etc. Im thinking the layout i did is lacking something. maybe some buttons on the inked border???

And another layout about my sister. :)


Wednesday, 2 April 2008

DT layouts & a peek at KDD :)

The kids are SO SICK!! It started over a week ago when I got sick, then it passed onto the kids, then it got worse!! And now liam has a throat infection, ear infection, bronchiallitis, conjunctivitis, mouth ulcers, a cold, and a very chesty cough. Brianna has a cold and chesty cough. And I have strep throat. So its wonderful fun in this household!!!

Anyways, YaY, I can finally show you some of the things Ive been working on!!

First up, Scrapbook'n'bits. I did my last class at SnB last week. Well - i was so sick i couldnt teach it. so the wonderful Karen Gilmore (store owner) taught it for me. Thankyou so much girlie u are awesome!!!! I felt terrible that I couldnt teach my last class there, but it was just all too much :( Anyways, here are the layouts I did for the class.

If you want kits and instructions for these Im sure Karen will oblige :) Just head on over to Scrapbook'n'bits and ask!!!

Secondly, Scrapboxx. The latest awesome newsletter was released and its unreal, as per usual. There is so much inspiration packed into there. The wonderful Erica Glover has rejoined the DT so we can expect more krafty-goodness from her! I forgot to photograph the canvas I made Maria before I posted it, so that isnt here in the blog. You will have to pop into her store to see that one!

My neice Hula:

My gorgeous sister Jen:

And lastly, Karen Day Designs!! Here are some peaks into the new line which will be available at the Scrapware wholesale store after SIA! Im so super excited - I hope you like :)

My birdie:

My cloud:

My tree:

Ill come back later today and show you some more sneak peaks into new releases from Scrapware. Ive been given the most beautiful products to work with this month and I cant wait to show you :) So check back!!


Scrapware are running a blog competition on all the DT blogs. Ange is going to give away a RRP $20 prize pack on each DT blog!!!! She will be sending them when she returns from SIA so the winners will have the products BEFORE any shop does!!! Awesome! So to win leave a comment on ANY post in my blog and ill do a random draw on the 10th April. Every post is a new entry in the comp!

So go check out the other DT blogs and enter their comps too!! There are six DT members so six blogs you can spam with comments :)

Kim Arnold - http://www.kimarnold.typepad.com/
Cassandra Glass - http://www.scrapcass.blogspot.com/
Coby Kooy - http://www.rebelwithacause.typepad.com/
Kathie Link - http://kathielink.blogspot.com/
Michelle Vass - http://imexpensive.blogspot.com/

Ill be back later peeps.

much luvs,

xxx K