Karen Day

Friday, 31 August 2007

Latest FK (#58)

I have a layout in the current FK. i get so excited when i get published!!! :D such a buzz! im in the felt section. its a layout of Liam when he was a teeny tiny baby :)

I got my application for the FK Elite Team sent in. I know i most likely wont get in but i definitely wont get in if i dont apply!!!! in the end ill have 5 layouts i love cos of this comp, so nothing is lost!

I got a gorgeous pack of stuff from SnB sent to me today - so im hoping to get some scrapping done this weekend. try out some of my new stuff :D

Here are a few layouts ive done since my last layout post:

have a fab weekend ladies!

Friday, 24 August 2007

want 60 - 70% off a whole online scrap store????


im serious ... you may actually pee ur pants in excitement. so im pre-warning you!!!

ive already had my splurge :D :D :D u will not be able to resist. everything is at least 60% off!!!

enjoy!!!!! and let me know what you get :D

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Layout Spam!!!

I havent done a layout post since the the end of July , so here are the layouts/projects Ive done so far since the Crafting In Style retreat:

"Boof of Bliss" accordian minialbum:

Lantern (CIS Retreat workshop). I just took three photos for this and put them next to each other so u can see all three sides.

Cards (Liz's class at the retreat):

"Smitten by You" (a layout i did at the cybercrop over the weekend)

"all boy" (a layout i did at the cybercrop over the weekend)

"Pieces" (a layout i did at the cybercrop over the weekend)

"Im cute (yes you are)" (a workshop at the retreat)

"Hey baby, look at you now"

"Being Two" (a stamping workshop at the retreat)

"Live with Peace"

"Classic Beauty"

"Mummy and Me" (Jolene's class at the retreat):

I know that was long!!! But I had so much fun doing these layouts/projects that I just had to share :D not bad for only 3 weeks!!!! :)

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Hambly Transparency Mini Album Information

I know Ive posted these sneak peaks before but thought i'd repost them cos this is my "official" post about the class. The album is GORGEOUS, which i know sounds lame coming from me considering im the one who designed it. but seriously, this is probably my favourite thing ive ever made. i love it.

The album title is "My fav photos" and can include your favourite photos of your daugher/mother/sister/etc. I chose to keep mine to a certain timeframe and used only photos from brianna's first two years.

But you really can do this album on any topic. It would also suit album themes such as "growing too quick", "you at 2" (or whatever age), "beautiful girl" or something similar.

anyways, here are the details if u are interested :D

Class taught over two nights:

Tuesday 18th September (7.30pm till around 9pm) we will be creating the album pages and doing the front cover. This allows tonnes of time, it really shouldnt take longer than an hour.
Wednesday 19th September (7.30pm till 10.30pm-ish) we will be decorating it and adding photos etc.

Cost: $39.00 (RRP of all the products included is around $50, so this is a 20% saving on the products :D )

If you live in Moranbah and want this kit let me know cos everyone can combine postage and have it all sent at one time. Ill cover the postage costs :)

This is my first class taught at SnB, but if any of you have been to a class ive taught elsewhere I always give away a random prize to class participants if you upload the project to the gallery by a certain date Very Happy Ive got a gorgeous MME page kit ive put together worth around $20 sitting here waiting for some lucky class participant to win Very Happy so that is a nice little incentive to come have some fun. i wanna scrap with it so hopefully itll survive untouched until the class haha.


Friday, 10 August 2007

such a norty blogger!!! shame on me!

i know! ive been very neglectful. please forgive me! i was off on holidays while i did the CIS online retreat, and then i was lazy when i got back. i kept thinking about all the images i had to upload and it made me procrastinate :D and procrastination is what i do best!!!

so please bear with me cos i have a long post!

Firstly, there is a cybercrop on at Crafting in Style this weekend. So that is where u will find me this weekend :D

Secondly, I won scrapjacked this month :D yay! i got a huge pack of goodies from bella (thanks bella!) and giftvoucher for ScrapDivas (thanks girls!). check out this months scrapjack, its awesome!

Thirdly, I took a tonne of photos last week while in mackay. I had a ball catching up with friends and family and experimented with setting up home studios and all that. Here are some of my fav photos from last week (including some my sis took of me and liam). My pile of favs is actually about 3 times this but i cut it down so that its not so long. i just chose one of two photos from each photoshoot. so hard to choose which ones!


my pregnant friend with her son:

me and liam:

my sis kat:


Ill update tomorrow with some photos of the projects I did at the retreat. Its getting late and im tired! :D cyas tomorrow for another post! i was going to post it all now but i need some ZZZzzzz.

night :D