Karen Day

Friday, 26 September 2008

layouts, minialbums, and photos shares :)

hey ya'll!

i got my lens! yay! today I had a playdate with some friends and their kids so i took the camera so i could break in the new lens :D I was SO happy with the results. the sigma is fast, accurate, crisp, and sturdy. it felt great in my hands! sounds weird i know! but i just know we are meant for each other!

Here is one of the photos from today. but to see the rest of them go to my photo blog. the top 5 posts are photos from today with the new lens (up until the flowers).

And as for layout shares - the latest Scrapboxx Newsletter has hit the emails! Check it out here.

And here are my contributions:

This month's Boxx of Scraps -

And I scraplifted the gorgeous Janelle Wind (how could i resist!):

Her layout:

My layout:

And a quote from the Newsletter - "On September 13th my youngest sister got married to the man she has loved for the last five years. I was the matron of honor so of course Ive been thinking ALOT about the wedding. Her wedding colours were ivory and red ... so her wedding inspired me to create a minialbum using the Teresa Collins die cuts. The theme of the minialbum is the trip between the hotel room and the church for the ceremony. I was so honored that she chose me to be in the car with her and share her last moments before the "grand entrance"!"

Have a fabulous weekend ladies!!! Thanks for stopping by!

xxx K

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

oh and i forgot to say ...

... my lens arrives tomorrow. the bag not till the end of the week.

woop woop!!!!!!!!!

photoshoot time :D

revamping blog ... plus another giveaway

its still in the construction zone but i did a few changes today. im hoping to change the banner sometime over the coming week or so as well.

i saw this awesome new feature on blogger (well, its new to me!) where u can have a blog list and it will put on your blog when your friends have done an update on their blog. if u get what i mean! i added this feature here and included the blogs i had already included in my links list. so this now replaces my link list :)

so i thought i would bribe u into adding me to your blog list :) you totally should add this feature to your blog regardless of whether u add me or not - its awesome! to do this log into Blogger, then go to the "layout" section, and then go to "add a gagdet" and u will see the "Blog List" option at the top of the list.

i havent had any giveaways for so long, and now its twice in one fortnight!!! i must be feeling generous. but why not do something different??? who here loves Peanut MnMs?????? i adore them. so much that i sincerely cant resist them! everyone who adds the Blog Links feature to their blog and adds both this blog here and also my KDD blog (http://karendaydesigns.blogspot.com) will go in the draw to win a big family-size bag of MnMs. LOL. and i will send them Express so there is less chance to meltage. :) after all, arent these the chocs that are sposed to melt in your mouth, not your hand .... errrrrrrrrrrr ... i mean postal bag. or is that smarties?!?

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i can taste the tastiness now if i really try hard enough. haha.

so if u are keen for this bit of fun let me know in the comments a link to your blog so I can then add your details to my own Blog List :) i would love to become a regular at your blog and i wouldnt be able to help myself if i have your blog updates on my own homepage!!!!!!!!!

have a wonderful night. im off to raid the cupboards cos now im in the mood for chocolate ... look out timtams here i come!

Scrapboxx Weekly Challenge

hello there!!

I was in charge of the weekly challenge at the Boxx this week so head on over if u are into challenges. The prize is a $5 Boxx voucher.

Here is the challenge -
- only use black and white photos
- the papers, embellies, etc must be only black and/or white with only ONE other colour.

My example layout:

And yes that is another Nicole Lombardo diecut. what can i say - i bought alot of them haha.

Entries close midnight Sunday night so check it out!!!!

xxx K

Monday, 22 September 2008

and the winner is ....

kayla renee macaulay!!!

congrats lucky chicken :) a box of Prima goodness will be heading your way as soon as you let me know your address! my email is karen (at) tkday (dot) net. Its all packaged up and ready to go.

Ive got some shares for you ... a fair bit of shares :) but you have to wait till the Scrapboxx newsletter is out! I am anticipating itll be out over the next couple of days.

But here are two more layouts which were in the latest Scrapbooking Creations. When I posted about the article I forgot to mention that I had two other layouts in the quickgrabs:

LOL and be happy: I did this one SOOOOOOOO long ago!!! but i still adore this photo of brianna :) she will hate me for getting this published when she is older haha.

And this is one for my friend Elisha about her family:

And just for something completely random here is the ONLY photo I have of me with my nephew Kris. It was taken last week in Mackay. He lives 10 hours drive from me and it makes me sad that we only see each other once or twice a year. Every time he sees me he has forgotten me. I hate having family far away :( I want to be close to him like aunties should be, but its so hard :( Oh well, at least when my kids are older we can travel down to see them more!

xxx K

Friday, 19 September 2008

guess what i just bought?!?!????

Jill-E leather camera bag - Bone colour

and also a Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 lens for my nikon:

i CANT WAIT for it to arrive :D :D :D

i think i deserve it ... Ive been soooooooo ridiculously busy lately. and ive just booked my first wedding shoot. so that will cover this bill.

i couldnt get a normal new camera bag after seeing these fashion ones!!! how cute is it!!! a bit exxy tho. my bad!!! what do u think girls???? :)

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Want to hear what happened to me?!???

I got GDT for Prima! :D yay!

Go check out the awesome Prima blog HERE! Can I just say that I nearly fell off my chair what Sharon emailed me???? Seriously. I think I nearly broke the chair ;)

I was so honored to be invited. And can I just say that they are very generous!! I got a big box full of SO many papers, flowers, ribbons, rubons, tape, felt matties, bling, chipboard goodies etc etc etc. There was endless inspiration in that pack!

Here are the items I designed for Prima:

Below I added an AMAZING diecut frame by the genius Nicole Lombardo. See a blog post a couple down to read my rave about her!!!! shes amazing. I want about another 100 of those diecuts!

And of course I had to sneak a little bit of KDD onto the Prima blog - this is an extra minialbum made using three pages from the MyMini. haha cheeky me!!! Im going to store photos of Brianna's friends in this minialbum so she can see them anytime she wants :)

Sharon, if you read this - thankyou!! :) I had so much fun!

Add comments to any blog posts here before 8pm Saturday AEST and go in the draw to win a box with some of the gorgeous Prima I got sent! I was blown away with how much I got and I would love to share some of it with my readers. I feel so spoilt!! Share the love around!!! Ive put aside some papers, flowers, ribbons, rubons and notecards :D

xxx K

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


I cannot believe how excited I am to bring you my latest KDD product. But this is a week of announcements, tips and surprises on my blog and I just couldnt hold onto the secret for any longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very pleased to introduce you to my new baby ... the MyMini !!!!! Ive basically written a novel about the MyMini over at the KDD blog so head on over there for all the goss. I dont want to rehash it all here.

But I do want to entice you over to that blog to also get an update on the MyMini class (yes that is what is being showcased in my class next week!). I have a few kits left and I want them gone! I think they will go now that Ive told everyone about the class product, so its first in best dressed!!! Here is one of the sneak peaks at the KDD blog. To see more go there and check it out :)


I sooo hope you enjoy playing with the MyMini when you get your hands on it!!! Ive been having a ball here at home already :D ive done two minialbums, and have another planned out!


xxx K

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

oh dear!

i just got an email saying its not gonna be announced till thursday. sorry bout that!!! so now u have to wait till then :)

but just cos people are here today i thought i would pass on a tip!!!! i love to sometimes use non-mainstream brands/designers cos its so much fun to try something new!!! and for this reason i love etsy.

i have found my #1 favourite etsy girl - Nicole Lombardo. ive purchased heaps of diecuts off this girl and ive used a few already in projects I am yet to share. Her postage is SO cheap!!!! ive paid less to get her product sent from overseas then its cost me to get Aussie stuff!!!!! its like $2 for the first item and then 10c for every other item.

Nicole's diecuts are so unique and beautiful.


Ive used some of her diecuts for the KDD Minialbum class next weekend. So if you have a kit for that then you will get to try her out :)

here is my fav of hers i have purchased so far: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=15276277 I got it in black and its fabbo!!

So there is the tip - is that a good enough replacement to the other news?!?!?? its the best i can do! :)

But the giveaway is still scheduled for Saturday - so every comment before then counts :)

xxx K

Monday, 15 September 2008


its been so long since ive given something away on this blog i thought i may as well do one this week :) ive got lots of announcements and stuff to share at the moment and I think there will be something new each day. so why not couple this with some goodies?!?

tomorrow i will have something super-duper exciting!!! I have been given an amazing opportunity to be a part of something for a short while and Im not allowed to share till tomorrow. ive been sitting on this one for awhile now :) and I cant announce the prize until u know whats going on!

so the prize will be announced tomorrow.

but the opportunity to join in starts now :D every comment made on each post made from today till saturday will go in the draw to win some FAB goodies from an awesome company :D Entries close Saturday night 8pm AEST.

Cyas tomorrow!!! :D

xxx K

Friday, 12 September 2008

I guess you could say ive been in better moods!

I got home today from my wedding trip and i came home to housework and a grumpy hubby. ive been gone for 2 nights and the only thing he did while i was away was one load of dishes yesterday. i make such an effort every single day to make sure the house is SPOTLESS at 4.30pm when he comes home from work. i vacuum every afternoon without fail, i put away all the toys even if i know the kids will get them back out, dinner is started most of the time, and the kids are always bathed. i just want troy to walk into a clean house, even if 30 mins later its got toys everywhere again.

i had a very busy weekend away on my own which i NEVER do .... and i come home to housework. the kitchen bin was full to the brim, the laundry basket was overflowing, todays dishes were still there to be washed, liams toys were out, he hadnt even opened half the windows to the house today. and the first thing he said to me when i walked in the door was a complaint about how i had come back into town in the afternoon and now we couldnt spend time together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had stayed in mackay for an extra 2 hours so that i could spend time with my uncles and aunties who i never ever see. and i mean never! this was the second time i EVER remember seeing them in my whole life!!!! so i think that is sooo important. im never get to see any of my extended family and always felt that i missed out.

and then after making me feel bad for spending time with family he notices i bought a new belt (you know those wide ones that you wear high on your waiste) and this is how he tells me hes noticed it ... "what is that around your waiste?!??" with a screwed up face. how rude!

anyways, id better stop whinging before i get carried away! haha.

it just kinda wasnt the night i thought it would be.

But onto better topics!! here is a layout i did recently for me :) I love this pic of my little angel.

And how cool is this!!! my first magazine article!!!! :D wooohooo!! Check out this month's Scrapbook Creations if you havent already and you will find an article about embellishing boys layouts written by me. It was trippy reading the words "Karen Day reports ...". If you have the mag and read the article, I hope u liked it!!! It was alot of fun to do. Kinda felt like i was at school again writing an essay! Here are the layouts I did for it.

(when i photographed this i didnt realise the "L" had fallen off)

Thanks for looking!!!! Check back tomorrow for something exciting :D

xxx K

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Scrapboxx newsletter update

hey all!

sorry ive been MIA. i was in mackay mending for 10 days - then when i came back to moranbah i was here for literally a few days then was back in mackay for my sister's hens night. i cant believe my little sis is getting hitched. here i am on the left, with my sis Kat who is getting married in the centre and my other sister Jen on the right.

I organised the night, which was hard work!! there was 30-something ladies there and we booked out a function room for the event. ever tried organising games for 30 people?!? just as well they behaved themselves. it made it easier :)

Scrapboxx Newsletter

In other news, I have something to share with you. The latest Boxx newsletter came out while I was away and I had some projects in there. Check out the whole newsletter here - it was such a great newsletter!!!! It always takes me so long to read them because there is always so much to see.

I made these wooden letters for two of the kids friends. Getting in early for Christmas! yay!

And I also made this minialbum for Fathers Day. Its got quotes and convos with Brianna about how she feels about Troy. She says the funniest things sometimes!! love it! So I packaged it all up in this Scrapware minialbum. Its a fun album cos all the pages are different shapes (heart, star, scalloped semicircle) and also different textiles. I also used some of my latest KDD on the front cover.

Well - thats all for today. Im off for a nap cos Liam has TWO middle ear infections and an inflamed throat. so I was up heaps lastnight looking after him. I had about three hours sleep. so i need my nanna-nap :)

ive been scrapping and will have some more shares tomorrow - I just have to photograph it so its ready to upload. So check back tomorrow for that!

i know ive been slack lately, so hopefully u girls are still checking back here :D

xxx K