Karen Day

Friday, 27 June 2008

I nearly forgot ...

check out my new tea set. I am totally and utterly in love!! this photo i found online doesnt do it justice!

I have an unusual interest in all good quality items that look "nanna"! Maybe its cos i didnt have a grandma or nanna that i grew up with. my mum's mum is in scotland, and my dad's mum sadly passed when i was about 5-ish.

anyways, i adore anything that looks like its belonged to a grandma :D you should see my address book! yes I have one of those floral address books! I use it nearly every day as i dont have a mobile phone (did i hear u gasp?!!? yes i DONT own a mobile phone!). i love it.

so when my sister saw this fine bone china teaset by Maxwell and Williams she apparently nearly shouted at the sales woman "my sister would LOVE this!!!!!". she reckons she really embarrased herself. lol. so she couldnt say 'no' and bought it for me. isnt she lovely!

because the teapot sits ON TOP of the teacup until u are ready to pour the tea it actually warms up the cup. stopping the tea from cooling down once poured. and if there are any other tea-drinkers out there u will readily agree that tea tastes SO much better out of a china tea cup.

loves! *sigh*

(yes im drinking tea from it now!)

ok ill stop talking about my tea set now - LOL

Scrapboxx Website - woohoo!! :D

Wanna know part of the reason why ive been so busy??? Go check out the NEW Scrapboxx website go - NOW!!!!


Im really excited about the changes cos I designed the new banner/logo/background etc. Maria and I have been working together on it for a couple of weeks however I must say that although I designed the graphics - Maria has done about 1,000,000 hours of work on the new launch!! And it is totally amazing. She did a wonderful job setting up the new community site called "The Boxx" and getting it all streamlined. I dont know how that woman fits everything into her days!!?!?!?!?! wonderwoman.

I sadly havent had any time to scrap as i have been out of town AGAIN. but it is finally over. Im going into town for a photoshoot for Kristy at some stage, but no date set yet. But apart from that my next plan to go into town is in September! So I hopefully will have lots of weekends to scrap in :D

I am SOOOOOOO excited. The beautiful Marni Telford is coming over for another sleepover this coming Monday. I love it when she comes to town and stays at my place because we do nothing but scrap, take photos, browse photography sites and flickr for inspiration, eat yummies, and chat/gossip about boys. Its all totally "high-school" and i LOVE it! You never get too old for sleepovers. So hopefully u will see a few new layouts come tuesday :D Im so looking forward to a night of creating and fun!

Sorry I dont have any shares for u tonight but I havent been scrapping :( Im so sorry! But the next Scrapboxx newsletter may be out this weekend so if that happens I will have something to share! :D

luv yas all the way to the moon and back! mwah mwah!

xxx K

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

To my beautiful friend - Dee

my lovely beautiful friend, tonight in MSN i was blown away by your attitude towards the hardships you are facing at the moment. in the face of cancer, radiotherapy and three hour long trainrides EVERY DAY to get your treatment you could still giggle about how u at least now have an excuse for a messy house. this attitude will help you survive this illness.

you are wonderful. you are an inspiration. you are beautiful. and i am truely blessed to have you inspire me, motivate me, and share God's word with me.

for no reason other than that i am a "dag" i wanted to write u a note, photograph it and put it on my blog. what can i say - im weird! haha. so here i am in all my glory - chipped fingernail polish, no makup, pink and white polkadot PJs, chapped winter lips and bad flash/background noise ... just for YOU!

And I will have u know that that isnt just ANY paper i used. i have been SAVING this piece of yellow notebook paper by "Little Yellow Tricycle" ever since i bought it over a month ago!!!!!!!!! i was saving it for the 'perfect' layout. you are a scrapper ... you know what i mean!!! hahahaha. and i couldnt think of anyone more worthy of my special paper than you - ROFL. that is how much you mean to me babe! (my right-hand is hiding the letters "P.S." .... and yes u are hot!).

And I couldnt have a blog post like this without giving u a bit of sugar ...

... so there is a blow-kiss for u.

love u love u love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: I just realised in that top photo i kinda look naked. how saucy!!!!!! hahaha

xxx K

*happy dance*

my last goal for this year was to get a magazine cover - and i got it! yay! :D

so go check out the current Scrapbook Creations and you will see my sis-in-law Sally and her son Baden.

The layout:
I remember having so much fun getting three random pieces of patterned paper each being 4.5 inches wide and stitching them together to make a rough 12x12 backing sheet.

I am sorry for my absence but ive been doing so much non-scrapping stuff lately! ive been working on my sister's wedding invitations (there are SIXTY OF THEM!) and doing some secret squirrel stuff for Maria from Scrapboxx (cant WAIT to share that!!!!!!!!!) and also been having some fun playing with my photos. You can see my latest snappies at my photography blog. Ive been enjoying taking some snaps of Liam - normally he is running too fast to photograph!!! typical boy :)

Ive also been busy planning the KDD Launch Party. Its going to be AMAZING!! And I cant wait to see the 100 profiterroles that are going to make the celebration cake - shock horror!!!!!!!! i think the local bakery died of shock when i mentioned it to them :) if u live near moranbah u should come.

And Marijana - this is just for you :) a little sneakypeak at your layout :D

Have a lovely hump-day everyone! :)

xxx K

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Just as I promised :)

It was such a nice break to finally be able to do a girly layout. And I could stare at my little Brianna's photos all night *sigh*

Have a wonderful night lovelies.


xxx K

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

I promise ill do shares!!!

Ive been flat out working on the SC article and i was in DESPERATE need of a girly layout!! Tonight I finished the fifth layout for the article so I happily threw myself into a 'therapy' layout. its pink, its shabby, its got lots of flowers. It was SO much fun!

So tomorrow ive just got to write the article and its all over :D yay!

So next on my scrap list is Marijana's layout! yay! ill be able to do that one over the weekend for you M :)

so I PROMISE tomorrow I will finally have something scrappy to share with you here on the blog!

On a sidetrack, Ive been wondering how I should showcase my photos for future potential photography clients. So Ive put up another (yes, ANOTHER) blog. This one has no text, its just a photo blog. Ill be updating it over the next few days to include my favourite past shoots - both impromptu and also planned. Its basically where I will house my fav photos. I didnt want to overload my scrapping blog with photos. At least Im organised now :) You can check it HERE if you are interested. i ADORE the photo in the top post. I took it today and I cant stop staring at brianna. Shes just sooooo pretty (ooh gushy mummy moment!). haha

xxx K