Karen Day

Friday, 23 February 2007

I GOT IN!!!!!

tonight I got an email from a company (yet to be disclosed) saying that they would like to offer me a position on their design team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hang on i think i need more exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! !

seriously i think i need to go do a wee because my body cant take this excitement!

I cant wait until I can tell you which company it is. They have a wonderful website and the woman who runs it seems to be lovely. I cant wait to work together with her!!!! I cant believe im on a DT!!! oh my goodness.

Anyways, in other news Ive been really slack submitting to magazines so today I sent off about a gazillion emails to FK, SM and SC so we will see what the next few weeks bring with those. Hopefully Ill get another layout published. That would be fantastic!!!

Im still in the running for the design team at Crafting in Style - tonight I plan on finishing my entry into this stage of the competition. Its a beautiful soft layout that incorporates lavender, soft light green and shots of dark purple. Its coming along really nicely. We had to focus on felt this time which I had originally thought would be hard but its come together quite easily.

Wow what a great day :D Im off to call my mum and tell her the good news - and then finish my CiS entry!!!

have a great night!

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Catherine's Brag Book

Yesterday I made a simple Brag Book for Catherine. To make the book I got a pack of 6 small dividers, punched holes in the side, then joined with rings. The whole thing only took about an hour and a half so its quite simple.

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

DT Application @ CiS - Round 1


Arrow Technique: Decorative Borders
Arrow Twist: I want to see you use at least TWO different types of decorative borders on your LO
Arrow Focus: Because this is a DT comp you will ALWAYS need to focus on the given technique, showcase it! Show us how the technique can be used that will make us want to go and get our gear and try it out!
That means, that I want to SEE decorative borders and not have to 'look' for it.

Can be on any topic and include any amount of piccies. Can be single or double.

* 32 Contestants will be competing in this round
* 10 Contestants will be 'evicted' at the end of this round.


Here are links to my project for the first round. Im not allowed to put the photo of it anywhere, so here are links to the CiS gallery.

I did a two-page 12x12 layout of my son Liam. Ive left alot of negative space because I wanted to concentrate on the decorative borders and make them the focus of the layout.


On the left-hand side ive put 6 photos of Liam. 3 black and white and 3 de-saturated colour. The colour ones are mounted on chipboard for dimension. Each photo has a different decorative border:

image 1 borders: white paint, topped with a hand-cut scallop from printed paper, which has then been doodled on. rubons were then added to 2 corners of the photo

image 2 borders: edges inked, doodled on top of the photo, then mounted it on white cardstock, then mounted again on patterned paper with a ripped top

image 3 borders: i made the chipboard backing slightly smaller than the image. I then sanded the image. Because the chipboard was smaller than the pic it caused a sanded border about 2mm in from the edge.

image 4 borders: handstitched and then mounted on white cardstock

image 5 borders: painted dots

image 6 borders: ribbons


Ive included one 6x4 enlargement that had the colours de-saturated. I used paint to add a border to the photo. Another border I included was hand-drawn and cut scallops. This photo is mounted on chipboard to give extra stability. There is hidden journalling underneith.

Monday, 12 February 2007

Goal: 20 layouts with current stuff!!

im not going to buy any new scrapping stuff for 20 layouts! actually i think i could go about 40 layouts but ill try the 20 Smile this doesnt count the stuff im getting this week through the mail cos i ordered that over the net last week!!!!! Very Happy

i have so much stuff its embarrasing. it really is. today i just bought 60 sheets of patterned paper cos the LSS has 30% off all their stuff. only 2 more weeks till they shut their doors for good so i had to buy it!

i just cant NOT buy. I think i need to see Dr Phil!

i dont think i can go too long though time-wise cos then ill be behind in the trends Razz

so ... ill keep yas updated at how i go Smile it should take me maybe a month or a bit more. i really do have to actually use some stuff i have otherwise my hubby may put his foot down cos i spend too much.

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Weekly Summary - Week 6 of 2007

This week I completed my first layout for the Design Team competition at CiS. Im happy with the result and HOPEFULLY itll get me through to the second round. Fingers crossed. Ill post the details of my project after this post.

I also did another two layouts, a tin and a canvas this week. I had a great week! lots of time to scrap and catch up.

  • Mirror Canvas - i bought this paper that works as a mirror but it isnt glass so it wont shatter. so i made a canvas for brianna's wall so she can look at herself in the mirror :)
  • Sweet
  • Love
  • Ethan's tin. I was going to do a keepsake tin but instead i did a tin to hold his birthday cards in. im SOOO annoyed though because i forgot to get a photo before i gave it to him. it was a rush job to get it done at the last minute and then i wrapped it straight away cos i had to leave as soon as i had finished it. The glue wasnt even dry when he opened it!!! my bad. i really wish i had a pic cos it turned out so well. i had altered a lime green cookie tin. looked great!
This also made me catch up on the Elsie Challenges at Chookscraps because the mirror canvas was challenge 4 ... the 'love' layout was challenge 5 ... the 'sweet' layout was challenge 6!!! so im finally caught up and hopefully i wont fall behind again.

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Altered Frames - "Fun" & "Swim"

Yesterday I did a twin set of frames. They now have made my display cabinet their home - even though they havent got photos in them yet!!!! Im planning on taking the kids to the swimming pool this week to get some photos.

Doing altered items is a nice change from doing LOs. I really should do more.

The night before last I completed one LO that I am considering submitting for the DT comp at CiS. But I have thought of another idea and so Ill do that one as well, and then decide which one I like more.

I really have to get onto completing Ethan's Keepsake tin. Its his birthday in four days!!! eeek.

Monday, 5 February 2007

a wonderful RAK from Susan ("smiles" on the Boxx forum)

seriously - susan is SUCH an AMAZING woman. she is always giving away RAKs and being so generous.

today i got a parcel from her and it was FILLED with scrapping goodies. i nearly cried because i was so touched by her generousity. In this wonderful parcel was: about 10 mitres of beautiful ribbons, 1 large pack of monogram stickers, some small metal words, 2 packs of alpha stickers, 2 packs of rubon transfers of words, 3 packs of buttons, some brads, flowers, chipboard flowers, chipboard stars, and some bling flowers. I couldnt believe there was so much in there! around $50 worth of good-quality product! And it was all in the style that I normally buy!

how nice of her to think of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan if you read this know that you have really made my day. Thankyou soooooooo much!!!!!

Weekly Summary - Week 5 of 2007

This week was a slow one cos the kids werent sleeping as well as they have been so i had a few naps during their sleeptimes in the day.

I did one LO and two frames. Ive taken a photo of the LO and ill do the frames later this arvo.

The LO i did this week was "Whats hot and whats not". Its a layout of the things brianna liked and didnt like at the end of last year - to view click here!

Last week I didnt get a chance to post links to the three LOs i did so here they are:

  1. Born to Shimmer
  2. Simply Perfect
  3. Untitled (i forgot to do a title!! derrrrr)
Today Im hoping to get some photos processed so i can start my DT application for CiS which is due 12 Feb. I cant wait to get started on this one! we need to emphasise decorative borders with this challenge. i have an idea in mind so we will see how it goes!!!