Karen Day

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

im sick :(

was up spewing most of lastnight so im surviving off 2 hours sleep. boohoo!!!

anyways, ive been so inspired with scrapbooking lately. Every now and then I get onto this scrapbooking wave where I have too many ideas and not enough time/photos/products!!! and ive been riding this wave for over a week now. im loving it. its so much fun!!! its a pity i couldnt take advantage of it more. i hate that there isnt more hours at nighttime to scrap when the kids are asleep :)

this weekend there is a cybercrop at crafting in style. so if u wanna crop with me this weekend thats where ill be hanging out :) i sooo cant wait! i got a printer so i can finally print photos from home so my photo options for layouts now is now so much more!! before i could only choose from what i had pre-printed at the store or over the internet.

This week I did Jan's layout of her gorgeous son and his fiance. and I did a layout of Brianna with her cousin Baden, one of troy from our wedding 6 years ago! and also a layout of liam. so ive had a pretty even spread of ppl in my layouts :) ill upload them later this arvo when im feeling energetic enough to go photograph the layouts.

also, for those who are interested im teaching an online scrapbooking class at Crafting in Style. all the kits are sold out (woohoo) but for only $5 you can attend the class and use your own products. for more info go here - http://www.craftinginstyle.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1799. id love to see yas there!!! the focus is on machine and hand stitching and its got some fun stuff in it :)

ill post back later with some layout photos :)

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