Karen Day

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

PACMAN!!!!! wooohooooo

Each week on TUESDAYS Im going to be posting a NEW game on my blog for ppl to play :D After playing make sure u post a comment to show me what score u got ;) weeee how much fun :D First up i just couldnt go past pacman! this was my fav game when young!

Use your arrow keys to move, eat the big dots, and u can chomp on the monsters to get rid of them :D have fun!

and just back to scrapping ---- ive got a couple of things to share! Ive done a layout about two gorgeous women! Katrina and Sherri!!! love them! and also a card.

but this week ive also done a secret DT layout for something special to take place in november at Crafting in Style. oooooh its exciting! but i cant share now, ull have to see that later!!

and if u arent busy this friday night Scrapbook'n'bits is having a CC in aide of the Breast Cancer Association!!!


Sonia said...

Pacman - LOL thanks Karen for a blast from the past - not that the score was from the past - something about older reflexes....or maybe it was just the style of the game the keyboard isn't the same as the booth style one that I played after a game of squash....ahhh memories...

Score 4430

Char said...

Oh dont get me started on that.....i will be here all night, lol!! Congrats on all your publications and the call from SC...i love your work Kaz...you totally deserve it!

Nina said...

as sonia has said....pacman....a blast from the past...i really enjoyed having a game...must say I've lost my ability to play though, only a small score of 3840.

Love you LO's too.

Nae said...

Hey you, Pacman was a blast didnt get out though but had to leave and go to the gym so my score and not out was 8330 or something along that lines it was 83 something something lol. Anyways have a great day babe and chat later.
Love you
Love always,
Nae xoxoxo

Manon Keir said...


had 7290

love that game!!!!!