Karen Day

Wednesday, 28 November 2007


guess what!!!! I had 5 magazine acceptances last week ... four in the one day!!!! So that was definitely a good day :D Two of the layouts accepted by SC are in the previous blog post - "luv u" and also "beautiful". If you scroll further down the page you will also see "laugh" and also "besties" ... these were also picked up by SC. How awesome!

This forced me to update the listings of upcoming and previous layouts in magazines and I cant believe it but now I have eleven layouts in upcoming mags. Im in the next 4 issues of FK!!! I guess Id better go get a subscription now! :)

Thanks to the girls who came along to the "Please Santa" class at Crafting in Style on Sunday night. We did the following layout:

All the layouts you did are awesome :D

Im so mega excited! Tomorrow night Im doing a class with Erica Glover! My kit arrived today and its filled with gorgeous stuff that is just SO Erica! I wanna play with it now but obviously I must maintain composure and wait till tomorrow :D

Ive been sick for a few days so Im heading off for a nap. The kids are at a friends house :D aaaaah peace and quiet!!

Luv yas!!! MWAH!


Manon Keir said...

oh I'm sooo jealous!!
You'd better show of the gorgeous work. Love Erica.
Thanks so much for the class on sunday Kaz, was fun!!

Leone said...

And why wouldn't the mags snap up your work - it's gorgeous! Love those layouts.

Butterfly Joy said...

You are so talented Kaz! It's no wonder at all that you are having so much success being published. Your LO's are sensational!

CISter's Stylish Gossip Spot said...

Kaz, no suprise that you blow me away each time you create, that is why I snapped you up for my DT :) Just sensational as always and looking forward to spotting more of your amazing layouts in the magazines!! You go girl!!!

Liz said...

Congrats on all the magazine publications Kaz.

Thanks for the class on Sunday night - the kids really really love the layout :-)

Thanks again for the BG Luggage Tag prize - I have about a gazillion ideas for it.

Glad you are feeling better :-)

Lea said...

Hi kaz! I have been lurking your blog for a bit-following the link from scrapboxx- and I LOVE your style. I love how you team products and techniques and congrats on all your acceptances for publication. I will be looking out for them!

Dee said...

Gorgeous work as always; love those pics.

kerry said...

Kaz you are amazing i love your style and you do fab work.Just read your blog i love what you have there.well done!

Manon Keir said...

hey chickie
time for an update :)))))

ps what are the PP Erica used??? Loved what she did!!

Glad you got my pressie for and that you liked it :)))))))))))))))))))