Karen Day

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Oral surgery

hey - im rushing off to hospital to get my wisdom teeth out now!

wish me luck!!! the surgery is in 25 mins :D

mwah mwah!

xxx K


Petrina McDonald said...

eek! good luck :D

marijana said...

good luck babe!!!!

let us know how you go!!!-hopefully you ant be in too much pain afterwards-lol

will be thinking of you..


kerry said...

I hope all went well for you KAren.take care Kerry xx

Kristy said...

Hope it went well Karen and hope ur not too sore:)

Diana said...

good luck! had mine out when I was 21 put a lot of my food in the blender, so I could eat it, ummmm don't try salad.....YUCK!