Karen Day

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Send me for a time out!

I know! No blogging. But Ive been very sick since I got back from the retreat! I had a cold and now Ive got gastro while still having a cold! So Its not really nice being me at the moment. Anyone wanna swap?

Ive got a fair few layout shares. About six i think? Wow thats alot for me haha. But no photos taken yet so I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE I will post those tomorrow :)

Anyway, the Scrapboxx retreat was amazing! as i thought it would be! it was SO full on, but totally worth the hours of driving, and the mega hours of flying. On the way home I spent 11 hours straight either in an airplane or airport. Good times! haha. Actually it wasnt too bad cos i had my buddies Mardi Winen and Nikala O'Brien with me. I had so much fun getting to know these two girls better ... as well as the other girls at the retreat! Sheree you will always have my heart :)

Ill be back in the morning with photos. Im still feeling sick so had better go lay down. I was going to post photos in this post but its all a bit much at the moment.


xxx K

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Christine said...

Where are those LO's??????? Hope you're feeling better sweetie