Karen Day

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

scrappin like crazy!!

ive had such a great week when it comes to scrapping. ive been really in the zone and ive managed to get alot of stuff done! im on the laptop at the moment so i cant upload the pics in this post - the photos of the layouts are on the PC. But over the weekend I did three layouts, 6 homemade embellishments for the swap at CIS and ive decorated my Maya Road album for my BOM.

Ive decided to make my BOM totally done with Kraft as the background cardstock. so Ive placed my order at CIS and am just waiting for it to come into stock.

Im in the middle of a layout for liam but i really struggle with boys layouts! my boys layouts always seem so simple. i kinda am struggling to find a nice 'groove' for them. but practice makes perfect :) ill just keep trying out some new stuff and just explore it that way.

ill post later with the photos.


Karen said...

I love your embellishments they are gorgeous..

Cassie said...

somehow I stumbled upon your blog. I don't recognize the magazines you're being published it.
What does SC stand for? I'm going throught the ones I get
Simple Scrapbooks, BHG Scrapbooks etc and Creating Keepsakes and can't figure it out.