Karen Day

Friday, 10 August 2007

such a norty blogger!!! shame on me!

i know! ive been very neglectful. please forgive me! i was off on holidays while i did the CIS online retreat, and then i was lazy when i got back. i kept thinking about all the images i had to upload and it made me procrastinate :D and procrastination is what i do best!!!

so please bear with me cos i have a long post!

Firstly, there is a cybercrop on at Crafting in Style this weekend. So that is where u will find me this weekend :D

Secondly, I won scrapjacked this month :D yay! i got a huge pack of goodies from bella (thanks bella!) and giftvoucher for ScrapDivas (thanks girls!). check out this months scrapjack, its awesome!

Thirdly, I took a tonne of photos last week while in mackay. I had a ball catching up with friends and family and experimented with setting up home studios and all that. Here are some of my fav photos from last week (including some my sis took of me and liam). My pile of favs is actually about 3 times this but i cut it down so that its not so long. i just chose one of two photos from each photoshoot. so hard to choose which ones!


my pregnant friend with her son:

me and liam:

my sis kat:


Ill update tomorrow with some photos of the projects I did at the retreat. Its getting late and im tired! :D cyas tomorrow for another post! i was going to post it all now but i need some ZZZzzzz.

night :D


MarniT said...

Wow Kaz these are some amazing photos!

Jolene Pienaar said...

wow Kaz, they are just bootiful, my fav is the one of Brianna in front of the window with the b/w shirt on, just gorgeous!

Nae said...

wow kaz you have been taking some spectacular photos. Love all of them they are so beautiful. Cant wait to see some of these in mini albums or layouts. Yay!

Lea Adcock said...

OMG look at those photos they are just so gorgeous.


Petrina McDonald said...

Wow - you've got some photography talent happening there my girl! We have that same cutie cute butterfly top - must take some pics of Thea in it too!
Love, P