Karen Day

Monday, 12 February 2007

Goal: 20 layouts with current stuff!!

im not going to buy any new scrapping stuff for 20 layouts! actually i think i could go about 40 layouts but ill try the 20 Smile this doesnt count the stuff im getting this week through the mail cos i ordered that over the net last week!!!!! Very Happy

i have so much stuff its embarrasing. it really is. today i just bought 60 sheets of patterned paper cos the LSS has 30% off all their stuff. only 2 more weeks till they shut their doors for good so i had to buy it!

i just cant NOT buy. I think i need to see Dr Phil!

i dont think i can go too long though time-wise cos then ill be behind in the trends Razz

so ... ill keep yas updated at how i go Smile it should take me maybe a month or a bit more. i really do have to actually use some stuff i have otherwise my hubby may put his foot down cos i spend too much.

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