Karen Day

Friday, 23 February 2007

I GOT IN!!!!!

tonight I got an email from a company (yet to be disclosed) saying that they would like to offer me a position on their design team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hang on i think i need more exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! !

seriously i think i need to go do a wee because my body cant take this excitement!

I cant wait until I can tell you which company it is. They have a wonderful website and the woman who runs it seems to be lovely. I cant wait to work together with her!!!! I cant believe im on a DT!!! oh my goodness.

Anyways, in other news Ive been really slack submitting to magazines so today I sent off about a gazillion emails to FK, SM and SC so we will see what the next few weeks bring with those. Hopefully Ill get another layout published. That would be fantastic!!!

Im still in the running for the design team at Crafting in Style - tonight I plan on finishing my entry into this stage of the competition. Its a beautiful soft layout that incorporates lavender, soft light green and shots of dark purple. Its coming along really nicely. We had to focus on felt this time which I had originally thought would be hard but its come together quite easily.

Wow what a great day :D Im off to call my mum and tell her the good news - and then finish my CiS entry!!!

have a great night!


Sam said...

Congrats Kaz!!!
Can't wait to hear more :-)
I love your work on CIS

I hope you don't mind me dropping by.

deirdre said...

I cant wait to hear which team you are on Kaz! Congrats, but about time your talent is recognised!

scrappinshawnni said...

Great Job! So excited for you! Can't wait for us to celebrate! :)

Good on ya! :)