Karen Day

Friday, 16 March 2007

I got my first DT pack from ScrapCompany!!!

I recieved my first DT Pack from the Scrapbooking Company and I adore all they sent me!! Ive created a great little tin but im not sure whether Im allowed to discuss it on here! so ill wait till i know and then ill tell yas about it if im allowed to :)

In other news Im into the next round of the CiS DT competition - how awesome!!! its down to 7 girls now so the competition is huge! i really hope i get this position, because then ill be where i want to be in regards to design teams!

my layout is gonna be in For Keeps next month. I recieved my paperwork yesterday. like the invoice and such. sooooooooo excited! keep an eye out for my little baby brianna. little cutie-pie.

also, for some insane reason ive been working on a personal website for myself. its most likely a waste of time but im having fun playing around with websites again after being a SAHM for so long!!! ill probably launch that one next week.

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