Karen Day

Thursday, 1 March 2007

The Scrapbooking Company - my new home!! :)

A couple of hours after my last post i left for a holiday! So it was easy not to blab which company i am now on a DT for. But Im allowed to say now!!!! I will be working with The Scrapbooking Company and I am soooo majorly excited!!!!!! They have 20 - 50% off all their stuff at the moment so you would be SO crazy not to head on over the grab a few specials. Ive ordered mine already so they should be arriving next week :D

I still cant believe im on a DT. I guess itll all sink in when I recieve my first pack. I cant wait to see what products Ill be getting to play with. its such an honor to be a part of this. to have someone like your style so much that they give you supplies to do stuff with!!! Its going to be so much fun!

When I get my pack ill take a photo and show yas! Its due to arrive next week with my order. so come back and check it out!


Sam said...

Congrats Karen!!!

Giovanna Scott said...

Congratulations Karen. Just saw the fantastic news on the Boxx site. Hope you have lots of fun with your stash!!

Anonymous said...

Well its about time someone snapped you up for their DT!! Congratulations.. Hope it all works wonderfully well for you with loads of yummy goodies to play with daily!! Bless you xx