Karen Day

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Crafting in Style DT April Kit

woohoo it arrived today!!! its so wonderfully beautiful - thanks Jolene! But unfortunately I will remain tightlipped with this DT kit so no letting onto what is actually inside! you will have to check out the next newsletter to find out :)

Im finding that my to-do list is growing and I'm getting a bit lost. So im adding a to-do list on the right that ill keep on updating so that i dont forget anything.

I STILL havent done Liz and Kelly's layouts - i MUST get those photos processed so I can get onto that. My problem is that I cant print photos at home so have to go get them done at the store. so when i do have time i dont have them printed!! so I must make time this arvo to go get it done after troy gets home. ill dump the kids on him :P

Hoping to get some scraptime today but I doubt it because I have a fair bit of work to do around the house. Fingers crossed it get it done on time!!! :)

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