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Friday, 18 January 2008

Catchup post #1 - magazines

ok .... so ive decided that just too much stuff has gone on since I last posted. and im feeling a bit swamped to try to catch it all up at once. so im gonna do it in bits :)

first post is regarding magazine stuff!

I got another two layout acceptances to Scrapbooking Creations yesterday!!! woohoo!! I got a new layout that Ive yet to add to my blog (maybe will tomorrow!) and also an older layout already here somewhere called "LOL and be happy". So super excited!!! :)

Also, in the current Scrapbooking Creations I have two layouts. On the first page of the Quickgrabs section I have my alltime FAV layout Ive ever done - called "Spring is everywhere". I just love that layout!! And on the first page of the "black and white" gallery I have "You are amazing".
In the current For Keeps they have announced the winners of the Awards of Excellence and I was blessed enough to be a winner!!!! yayayayayay!!! sooooo excited about that! I won the Creativity section. This was the section I wanted to win because I do try to be creative in how I scrap! So I have a layout in this publication about that, but also another layout in the "Four or more photos" gallery.
I think thats all the magazine updates! haha.
Tomorrow Ill be back with another catchup post! cyas then :) ill be here i promise!

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Ann Lederhose said...

Hi Karen, just popping by to say congrats on the FK win. Enjoying your prizes??