Karen Day

Friday, 18 January 2008


Im gonna be doing quite a few catchup posts over the next few days so I thought Id throw in a random competition. Cos ive been so absent my visitors probably arent visiting! so my blog is a very lonely place (boohoo! haha).

So here is the go ... I want you to put a post on YOUR blog that is titled "Karen Day wants to Say ..." and then the body of the post must ONLY SAY:

"Purple Monkey Dishwasher"

and THAT IS IT!!

I know it makes no sence but thats the whole point :) its meant to be nonsence :D so go do that and then post here telling me where u set it up. Ill do a lucky draw and the winner will get a set of Sassafrass Lass Acrylic stamps that ive had sitting around here and havent used because I already have something similar :)

drawn in ONE WEEK! so go and spread the monkey love!!!


Joyce at Salisburys Corner said...

hey karen, its on my blog hehe

now with all the people going off about me moving, well this will have them totally confused!

congrats on the pages too, love your work

ooo my blog is www.salisburymob.wordpress.com
my name takes you to my old one for some reason

karenday said...

woohoo joyce!!!! my first purple monkey dishwasher!!!! haha

itll be interesting to see if u get comments about it on ur blog :)

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Purple Monkey Dishwasher to you, too!

My friend Tim has always had that phrase on his blog header and I've never known what it meant. http://www.inessentials.com/blog/

But now it's on my blog, too, thanks to you! LOL!! http://myinnermartha.blogspot.com

Good to see you back!

Julie said...

Julie Dudley wants to say

the purple monkey dishwasher has come to my blog lol

Ally said...

Ally say the purple monkey dishwasher has landed :)

Tess said...

monkey love spread!!!

Allison said...

I did it too...I am going to get some quizzical looks!


Lis said...

LOL this is just so weird its fun!!
Put it on my blog...


How to confuse all your readers in one easy step lol i love it!

christina D said...

its on my blog too! hehe


April said...

I just added it to my blog - this is really funny!


Kate said...

It's on mine, too. =)

Brissmiths said...

And mine as well.

Sandy said...

Ok this is too funny NOT to participate! lol.

my post

Jan Scholl said...

I put it on both my main blogs.

InspiredByInk said...

Hallo Karen!
I've posted to my blog. Hope you like it... hehehe

Bobbie *Ü*

~Kathryn~ said...

purple is definitely my favourite colour - especially for monkeys and dishwashers !!!


my name wont link to my blog ... so you have to use the link above

Susan C said...

Its not on my blog but I did follow a link from Susan S (brismiths) to your blog. (just thought I would let you know)

Love your "Elsie" photos and LOs

Kirst said...

Spreadin' the Monkey Love for you Karen.

K xx

The Crafty Chik said...

I love purple and there's a purple monkey dishwasher on my blog too! www.thecraftychiksplayground.blogspot.com

See you there!

Sunnymommie said...

hi Karen, it on my blog!


hehe! Katey :0)

Jennifer-G said...

Hi Karen!

I added it to mine 'cuz you're TOO funny! Love your blog & all the fabu pics you've added. :-)


Juliann said...

Way too funny!!! I found you from Jan's (Paper Tango) bolg, when I read it I just had to click on it!
Love your blog!

Manon Keir said...

It's on my blog too Karen

charmaine said...

all done and on my blog too.....just as well cause my blog is lonely too....

charmaine said...

http://charmaineandco.blogspot.com/ sorry didnt add link:)

sam said...

ok i have been off spreading the love!!!!!

obviously purple has got to be the best colour in the world!

dishwashers are a must in this day in age
& we evolved from monkeys
so i reckon the phrase makes perfect sense!!! lol

after all we wouldnt be here unless we didnt have purple monkey dishwashers!!!!
ok - backing slowly into the corner now!!!


sam said...

oopssie - i am as bad as char


ttfn sam