Karen Day

Monday, 28 January 2008

Some more photos!

Purple Monkey Dishwasher winner announced below!!

I have a dillemma ... or dilemma ... however you spell it! I did 12 layouts in 14 days, then got a bit burnt out so havent scrapped in 6 days. And then when I went to scrap I had no ideas! I always do that. When I havent scrapped for a week its always hard to get back into the swing of things. Itll just take me a layout to come back :)

But here is a card set that I made yesterday. They were both made from one sheet of SR kraft. I LOVE my heidi swapp stamps. I also have the "happy birthday" one. and they make cardmaking so cheap and versatile!!!

I took some more pics on Friday of Liam and Brianna. Here are my favs out of the shoot:

And on Australia Day we went out for afternoon tea and couldnt resist the waterfeature in the middle of town! The kids had a ball! (and got very very wet!)


Anonymous said...

Fantastic photo's Karen! Ahhh that water looks so inviting and refreshing :0) Can you tell I'm still hot at 10.10pm!!
Take care

Juliann said...

Your photos are so beautiful, they make me smile! Your little ones are just too much!!!! Adorable!

Karen said...

Your pic's are gorgeous...very cute :)


love of you little boy with lawn mower so gorgeous he is adorable... layouts look fab