Karen Day

Friday, 22 February 2008

Couples photoshoot and other stuff :)

Scrapware Projects:

Firstly, Ive been busy working over the last few days developing three projects for Scrapware. Two layouts and a minialbum. And I am totally utterly and devotedly (is that a word) in love with their products. And I honestly am not just saying that because Im on their DT! haha. I promise :) My problem is that I only had old chipboard and hadnt bought anything new in AGES! But Ange sent me this divine "intro" package that is chockablock FULL of every shape u could ever want in chipboard. And it totally has me inspired!!!!!!!

I so wish I could share but I cant just yet :) But all three items have immediately gone to the top of my fav projects Ive done. So u will have to check back for those :)

Scrapboxx Cybercrop:

There is a Cybercrop on a Scrapboxx tomorrow night at 8pm AEST so be there or be square!!!!! :) itll be apples. So check it! The divine Miss Tammy Templeton will be the hostess with the mostest :D

Im setting a challenge but not sure what yet! haha. Ill have a think tomorrow and see where the example layout leads me :)

Elisha + Kyle = Totally cute together = Couples photoshoot

I did my first "couples" photoshoot and it was alot of fun :) It was a couple of weeks ago but I forgot to share the pics here. I couldnt pick my favs so here is kinda like a top 10 list. But its not really. Cos my list is really like Top 30 - and I love them all the same. We got so many beautiful shots. In quite alot of them you can see the closeness between Kyle and Elisha. They look so beautiful and comfortable together. They are so sweet and perfect together :)

I think this one is my fav, but im not sure. I like so many of them!!

Maybe this one is my fav?


Tara Ward said...

The first one you picked out as your fave is the one I like the most...nice pics, I'm inspired to take some pics now! Thanks Kaz

Elise said...

I like the holding hand one and I think it is the second one after that where they are looking into each others eyes! Good job Kaz !!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kaz.
I totally love those photo's!
I like the photo of the couple taken from the back and she has her hand on his leg. Very nice :0)

Still waiting on this life changing news :P

Suzannah :o) said...

hey Karen,
Where in Moranbah did you take these? You sure have a knack for finding great locations/backdrops!

Mel Nunn said...

Love the photos Karen... Can't wait to see the scrapware stuff you have been working on too.

Will you hurry up and spill the beans though woman!!! I am dying here!

Lesli said...

Beautiful photos - what a sweet family!