Karen Day

Friday, 15 February 2008

"As Beautiful as a Butterfly" Class Details

Crafting in Style
19th March - 7.15pm (starting no later than 7.30pm) so please dont be late!

Purchase class kits HERE for $15
Purchase class access HERE for $5

Sneakee Peakee is up!!! :D

And as if I can have a class and not have a giveaway!!!!!!

Some of you may know that here on my blog I am running a "Secret Competition" with a "Secret Prize". So Ive decided that for this class I will give away the SAME PRIZE as the one im giving away on my blog!! So im giving away two separate prizes - one for blog, one for the CIS class!!!

To be eligible you must come and join in on the class on the 19th March. And then upload your completed layout to the CIS gallery before MIDNIGHT the 20th March. Easy peasy lemon squeezey :)

To see the class requirements go HERE!!

Its my last project for the CIS Design Team so I really hope you can make it. Its going to be a special night for me :)

Much love!

xxx K


Kate said...


Shazz said...

still no big reveal karen...???
well at least it's a good way of getting ppl to keep coming back - as if your amazing work wasn't enough reason to visit your blog.
have a good weekend xo

Mel Nunn said...

I came over to see the big reveal but nothing?? Glad you have some eye candy up here though to keep me happy :o)


Tara Ward said...

Great looking class...no news????

Anonymous said...

Oh are you giving away a class kit for your secret surprise Kaz???