Karen Day

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

To my beautiful friend - Dee

my lovely beautiful friend, tonight in MSN i was blown away by your attitude towards the hardships you are facing at the moment. in the face of cancer, radiotherapy and three hour long trainrides EVERY DAY to get your treatment you could still giggle about how u at least now have an excuse for a messy house. this attitude will help you survive this illness.

you are wonderful. you are an inspiration. you are beautiful. and i am truely blessed to have you inspire me, motivate me, and share God's word with me.

for no reason other than that i am a "dag" i wanted to write u a note, photograph it and put it on my blog. what can i say - im weird! haha. so here i am in all my glory - chipped fingernail polish, no makup, pink and white polkadot PJs, chapped winter lips and bad flash/background noise ... just for YOU!

And I will have u know that that isnt just ANY paper i used. i have been SAVING this piece of yellow notebook paper by "Little Yellow Tricycle" ever since i bought it over a month ago!!!!!!!!! i was saving it for the 'perfect' layout. you are a scrapper ... you know what i mean!!! hahahaha. and i couldnt think of anyone more worthy of my special paper than you - ROFL. that is how much you mean to me babe! (my right-hand is hiding the letters "P.S." .... and yes u are hot!).

And I couldnt have a blog post like this without giving u a bit of sugar ...

... so there is a blow-kiss for u.

love u love u love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: I just realised in that top photo i kinda look naked. how saucy!!!!!! hahaha

xxx K


Belinda Venables said...

I know this is a post for Dee and I should let her comment first...lol...but I need to comment now beacause if i don't I will forget and never do it! lol

What a beautiful beautiful message to your friend - It actually brought me to tears!

Love the pics too - oohh you do look naked...eeeek! ;)


TiteC said...

your friend has a great friend...

(and you DO look naked !!)

hugs from France


Dee said...

You make me cry, you make me laugh. Kaz you are an amazing beuatiful person.. THANK YOU!!!! Friends like you are what makes this world such an awesome place to be in. I love you so much babe!!!!!!!

(And I am so printing out these pictures to go on my board of famus people I know - betcha no-one else has naked pictures of their hero!!)

Kristy said...

so very true DEE people like Karen always find a way to make a friends life so much brighter even when they are having troubles, love the pics:) and the words made my eyes well up ! truly beautiful.

Hey are we still on to meet up in town tuesday??????


Karen Day said...

dee u are wonderful! im glad u found this post :D get better soon girlie! :) im still thinking about u!