Karen Day

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

I promise ill do shares!!!

Ive been flat out working on the SC article and i was in DESPERATE need of a girly layout!! Tonight I finished the fifth layout for the article so I happily threw myself into a 'therapy' layout. its pink, its shabby, its got lots of flowers. It was SO much fun!

So tomorrow ive just got to write the article and its all over :D yay!

So next on my scrap list is Marijana's layout! yay! ill be able to do that one over the weekend for you M :)

so I PROMISE tomorrow I will finally have something scrappy to share with you here on the blog!

On a sidetrack, Ive been wondering how I should showcase my photos for future potential photography clients. So Ive put up another (yes, ANOTHER) blog. This one has no text, its just a photo blog. Ill be updating it over the next few days to include my favourite past shoots - both impromptu and also planned. Its basically where I will house my fav photos. I didnt want to overload my scrapping blog with photos. At least Im organised now :) You can check it HERE if you are interested. i ADORE the photo in the top post. I took it today and I cant stop staring at brianna. Shes just sooooo pretty (ooh gushy mummy moment!). haha

xxx K


niq said...

Hi Karen,
I just visited your photo blog, and yes, that photo of Brianna is gorgeous! You're right, she is a very pretty little girl!

kerry said...

Wow KAren what a fab pic like all of your pics they are all so nice.take care Kerryxx

marijana said...

WOW -all the photos are just great.LOVE the piano one tho :)
great work !!!!!
:) :)