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Friday, 27 June 2008

Scrapboxx Website - woohoo!! :D

Wanna know part of the reason why ive been so busy??? Go check out the NEW Scrapboxx website go - NOW!!!!


Im really excited about the changes cos I designed the new banner/logo/background etc. Maria and I have been working together on it for a couple of weeks however I must say that although I designed the graphics - Maria has done about 1,000,000 hours of work on the new launch!! And it is totally amazing. She did a wonderful job setting up the new community site called "The Boxx" and getting it all streamlined. I dont know how that woman fits everything into her days!!?!?!?!?! wonderwoman.

I sadly havent had any time to scrap as i have been out of town AGAIN. but it is finally over. Im going into town for a photoshoot for Kristy at some stage, but no date set yet. But apart from that my next plan to go into town is in September! So I hopefully will have lots of weekends to scrap in :D

I am SOOOOOOO excited. The beautiful Marni Telford is coming over for another sleepover this coming Monday. I love it when she comes to town and stays at my place because we do nothing but scrap, take photos, browse photography sites and flickr for inspiration, eat yummies, and chat/gossip about boys. Its all totally "high-school" and i LOVE it! You never get too old for sleepovers. So hopefully u will see a few new layouts come tuesday :D Im so looking forward to a night of creating and fun!

Sorry I dont have any shares for u tonight but I havent been scrapping :( Im so sorry! But the next Scrapboxx newsletter may be out this weekend so if that happens I will have something to share! :D

luv yas all the way to the moon and back! mwah mwah!

xxx K

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TiteC said...

and now you'll be able to drink tea together !!! lol