Karen Day

Friday, 27 June 2008

I nearly forgot ...

check out my new tea set. I am totally and utterly in love!! this photo i found online doesnt do it justice!

I have an unusual interest in all good quality items that look "nanna"! Maybe its cos i didnt have a grandma or nanna that i grew up with. my mum's mum is in scotland, and my dad's mum sadly passed when i was about 5-ish.

anyways, i adore anything that looks like its belonged to a grandma :D you should see my address book! yes I have one of those floral address books! I use it nearly every day as i dont have a mobile phone (did i hear u gasp?!!? yes i DONT own a mobile phone!). i love it.

so when my sister saw this fine bone china teaset by Maxwell and Williams she apparently nearly shouted at the sales woman "my sister would LOVE this!!!!!". she reckons she really embarrased herself. lol. so she couldnt say 'no' and bought it for me. isnt she lovely!

because the teapot sits ON TOP of the teacup until u are ready to pour the tea it actually warms up the cup. stopping the tea from cooling down once poured. and if there are any other tea-drinkers out there u will readily agree that tea tastes SO much better out of a china tea cup.

loves! *sigh*

(yes im drinking tea from it now!)

ok ill stop talking about my tea set now - LOL


TiteC said...


my hubby thinks I'm crazy when I stop by shop windows and stare at "nanna" tea sets....

love it love it love it !

enjoy your tea !!!



Nicole said...

how fabulous is that tea pot. yummmo


kerry said...

I love old teasets i have a old china cabinet that houses some old teasets and also a stand with a set of old plates and teasets.My hubbie thinks i'm mad too.I just love blue willow and have a whole cabinet of that too lol.Sound mad maybe.I just love the old world look.Call it nanna maybe just love it though.I so know what you mean about sleepovers as i think i'm off to one this Wednesday night to chat and scrap and chat somemore with Belinda v and act really immature lol.take care Kerry xx

Belinda Venables said...
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Belinda Venables said...

Oops - sorry Karen...I got half way through writing my comment then accidently clicked publish...lol. Thats why I deleted it...lol.

As I was saying - lovely tea pot!

As for Kerry saying we will be inmature - she's right - but we have fun!! lol

Enjoy your week.


Sonia said...

I love your teapot Karen, I have a very girly pink and green version- totally shabby chic...and i love it, and yes it makes a huge difference when drinking tea, especially when it's made with tea leaves.