Karen Day

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

oh dear!

i just got an email saying its not gonna be announced till thursday. sorry bout that!!! so now u have to wait till then :)

but just cos people are here today i thought i would pass on a tip!!!! i love to sometimes use non-mainstream brands/designers cos its so much fun to try something new!!! and for this reason i love etsy.

i have found my #1 favourite etsy girl - Nicole Lombardo. ive purchased heaps of diecuts off this girl and ive used a few already in projects I am yet to share. Her postage is SO cheap!!!! ive paid less to get her product sent from overseas then its cost me to get Aussie stuff!!!!! its like $2 for the first item and then 10c for every other item.

Nicole's diecuts are so unique and beautiful.


Ive used some of her diecuts for the KDD Minialbum class next weekend. So if you have a kit for that then you will get to try her out :)

here is my fav of hers i have purchased so far: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=15276277 I got it in black and its fabbo!!

So there is the tip - is that a good enough replacement to the other news?!?!?? its the best i can do! :)

But the giveaway is still scheduled for Saturday - so every comment before then counts :)

xxx K


Kristy said...

well that sucks been waiting all day to see what the big suprise is and now we have to wait until thursday thats so not nice k but the tip is good so that makes up for the suprise.HAHA

kayla renee macaulay said...

That tip is great
i have checked out her store
and it's awesome
thanks for the heads up

Can't wait for your news though...:)

KR. x

Tam, Brad, Jasmine and Ethan said...

ooohhh thanks for that Karen, looks like I am getting me some die cuts!! thanks for the tip.
kind regards, Tammie

Brissmiths said...

I love Nicole's stuff. Different to what you find elsewhere and you're right - it's well priced. C'mon Aussie dollar, get back up!

Kate said...

Those are cute! When I clicked the first link, I took a guess as to what your favorite was and I was right! =P

linda said...

O Love those die cuts they are gorgious, can't wait for my kit.
Have a great day

LEA said...

hi karen! funny how the words 'give away' bring the lurkers out from hiding. i have long lurked your blog and loved your layouts. i just checked out the fab etsy store and can't wait to see how you use the products. happy, happy week!