Karen Day

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


I cannot believe how excited I am to bring you my latest KDD product. But this is a week of announcements, tips and surprises on my blog and I just couldnt hold onto the secret for any longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very pleased to introduce you to my new baby ... the MyMini !!!!! Ive basically written a novel about the MyMini over at the KDD blog so head on over there for all the goss. I dont want to rehash it all here.

But I do want to entice you over to that blog to also get an update on the MyMini class (yes that is what is being showcased in my class next week!). I have a few kits left and I want them gone! I think they will go now that Ive told everyone about the class product, so its first in best dressed!!! Here is one of the sneak peaks at the KDD blog. To see more go there and check it out :)


I sooo hope you enjoy playing with the MyMini when you get your hands on it!!! Ive been having a ball here at home already :D ive done two minialbums, and have another planned out!


xxx K


niq said...

Hiya Karen!
Wow this is so totally awesome! I'm so glad I've ordered a kit - I'm just mega excited now! See you next week online!

Kristy said...

hey k well that just looks great, might have to get a kit now and just do it at home as I cant get to the online class or moranbah class.

Kate said...

I love those albums! So cute!!

linda said...

This looks really great and such good value, love the idea that I can make two mini albums, seeing that I have 2 daughters, one might get upset if I only do one.

Kristy said...

haha I got a kit Lucky me I might have to just make it one big one with pics of my 3 kiddies. Just glad I got one!!!!