Karen Day

Friday, 19 September 2008

guess what i just bought?!?!????

Jill-E leather camera bag - Bone colour

and also a Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 lens for my nikon:

i CANT WAIT for it to arrive :D :D :D

i think i deserve it ... Ive been soooooooo ridiculously busy lately. and ive just booked my first wedding shoot. so that will cover this bill.

i couldnt get a normal new camera bag after seeing these fashion ones!!! how cute is it!!! a bit exxy tho. my bad!!! what do u think girls???? :)


Kristy said...

wow love the bag karen very nice and a new lens for ur camera lots of fun to be had with that.

Kristy said...
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Donna Brisbois said...

Ithink the bag is gorgeous...but the lens to me is almost as beautiful as the bag. What fun you'll have with that!!!

syeda said...

I simply love the bag and the lens. I am sure in the near future, we will be seeing some adorable pictures that you will shoot using those lenses.

Felicity said...

how nice is that camera bag.. I wont be able to resist either!!! love it... And your first wedding.. yep, thats gotta be exciting!!
Felicity x

Tammy Templeton said...

A very cute bag Karen. Awesome looking lense there...coming from an auto digi girl I really have NFI LOL! but it looks good ;)
A huge congrats on getting the GDT spot with Prima! That is AWESOME!

niq said...

Ooooh.... Luuurve the bag, Karen, looks more like a handbag, than a camera bag!
Being booked for you first wedding is great news!

Kate said...

lol, That's a cute bag! What does exxy mean?!

scrappinshawnni said...

Hello Love how you going? Very cute bag, congrats on the wedding photo shoot and the new lens.