Karen Day

Friday, 12 September 2008

I guess you could say ive been in better moods!

I got home today from my wedding trip and i came home to housework and a grumpy hubby. ive been gone for 2 nights and the only thing he did while i was away was one load of dishes yesterday. i make such an effort every single day to make sure the house is SPOTLESS at 4.30pm when he comes home from work. i vacuum every afternoon without fail, i put away all the toys even if i know the kids will get them back out, dinner is started most of the time, and the kids are always bathed. i just want troy to walk into a clean house, even if 30 mins later its got toys everywhere again.

i had a very busy weekend away on my own which i NEVER do .... and i come home to housework. the kitchen bin was full to the brim, the laundry basket was overflowing, todays dishes were still there to be washed, liams toys were out, he hadnt even opened half the windows to the house today. and the first thing he said to me when i walked in the door was a complaint about how i had come back into town in the afternoon and now we couldnt spend time together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had stayed in mackay for an extra 2 hours so that i could spend time with my uncles and aunties who i never ever see. and i mean never! this was the second time i EVER remember seeing them in my whole life!!!! so i think that is sooo important. im never get to see any of my extended family and always felt that i missed out.

and then after making me feel bad for spending time with family he notices i bought a new belt (you know those wide ones that you wear high on your waiste) and this is how he tells me hes noticed it ... "what is that around your waiste?!??" with a screwed up face. how rude!

anyways, id better stop whinging before i get carried away! haha.

it just kinda wasnt the night i thought it would be.

But onto better topics!! here is a layout i did recently for me :) I love this pic of my little angel.

And how cool is this!!! my first magazine article!!!! :D wooohooo!! Check out this month's Scrapbook Creations if you havent already and you will find an article about embellishing boys layouts written by me. It was trippy reading the words "Karen Day reports ...". If you have the mag and read the article, I hope u liked it!!! It was alot of fun to do. Kinda felt like i was at school again writing an essay! Here are the layouts I did for it.

(when i photographed this i didnt realise the "L" had fallen off)

Thanks for looking!!!! Check back tomorrow for something exciting :D

xxx K


niq said...

Hi Karen,
Me thinks you spoil your DH a tad (yes, I know that's unreal coming from me!) LOL
I loved your SC article - super work!

Manon Keir said...

Men!!!!! Next time stay away for a week... that might teach him a thing or two LOL

Love the LO's and I'd better get the mag soon then hey!!
Hope the mouth is not sore anymore!!


kerry said...

Men thats all i can say.lol loved the article in sc great layouts too.take care Kerry xx

Kristy said...

Hey K I think u do spoil ur DH but I cant talk casue I do the same thing for my DH but hey we re allowed to winge next time I would stay just a little longer, they just dont realize that we spend every minute with the kids and keep the house clean We need a break everynow and again. I seen ur article in the mag and loved it well done chicky:)