Karen Day

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Alice in Wonderland Garden Tea Party

brianna's official party has now finished :) it was yesterday and it was SO worth all the effort!

i normally invite over all the family friends with their kids so we end up having 20-something kids. but this time i decided to make it a "big girls only" party, and i narrowed the list down to 8 girls. this way i could focus more on doing individual treats for the 8 girls and it wouldnt blow my budget!

my fav aspects of this party:
- i did everything girly! so much fun!
- i LOVED the hanging paper lanterns and paper flowers
- i learned how to do a topsy turvy cake
- my mum and dad came!!!!!!!!!! this is HUGE cos my mum doesnt travel well. so she has only visited moranbah a three times since we moved here. so that was a huge blessing that she not only made it out here, but she also got to enjoy the party :) i really appreciated that mum!
- all the girls got presents during the games, these included barbies, colouring in books and fancy shoes. i kept my eyes out for specials leading up to the party so each girl got a nice toy to take home.

here are some pics:

the paper lanterns, fairies, glass candle hangers (i love these so much!), and crepe paper flowers. the pink tulle in the background is from my daughters bedroom. i hung it from the roof and draped it around the food and cake table to stop the flies getting on the food. was so handy - ill definitely be doing that again!

another shot of how i set it all up. i had heaps of teapots everywhere. on the sitting table i had them down the middle and i had coloured pencils, darryl lee large lollypops, lollypop sticks, massive sherbet straws and colourful fake flowers in them. i also had them on the food and cake table.

each setting at the table had their own lace placemat, mismatching teacups and saucers from Lifeline, their goodiebags and M&Ms. the goodiebags didnt have lollies in them, they had bracelets, necklaces, and lots of cool hairbands, clips and a scrunchie.

i did a doughnut tier instead of a cupcake tier for something different. ive done cupcake ones before but doing it this way made me realise just how much easier it was to fit the donuts on then cupcakes. i always seem to have the icing not quite fit when i make cupcakes.

this photo looks really pink cos of the tulle behind the table. but this was the cake i made. the top tier is buttercake, the bottom one is mudcake. colouring the fondant took awhile but was worth it. i had so much fun doing it cos i havent done anything like that before. the sticks on top were candles i found at coles. the teapot handle isnt part of the design, i shoulda moved the teapot behind it before photographing. oh well :)

my mum took pics of brianna so once i get those ill post those up. i didnt take any cos she was and she is fab at photography. but here is one i snapped of my neice Hula that afternoon after everyone had left while we were all relaxing beside the slip'n'slide. shes so cute :)

thank goodness the next birthday is at the end of 2009!! yay!

xxx K


TatumW said...

looks absolutely gorgeous! well done you :) I think u have inspired me to do a topsy turvy cake for Lil's birthday party in a couple of weeks xx

Shandell said...

The party looked fantastic and I LOVE the cake!!

My emails don't seem to be getting thru - so I wanted to let you know that I still have not recieved the MyMini that I won from your blog candy at the end of last year.


Monique said...

This looks gorgeous Karen - Brianna is a lucky little girl to have such a clever Mummy!
Hope you had a great Christmas, and that your move was as painfree as possible!
Give Brianna a great big birthday hug from me!

scrappinshawnni said...

Beautiful party! Love the cake!!! So when are you going into the cake making business???

Love Ya! :)

MarniT said...

wow looks so magical K....I so wish I could have been there! So glad Brianna had a fab birthday.

Kristy said...

wow love that cake K It looked to to be a very girly party indeed.

Karen Day said...

thanks girls!!!

shandell - over christmas i moved houses and i lost my internet for a week for the changeover. when i logged in had over 200 emails though, so i thought that i hadnt lost any in the move, but i must have!

but that is no excuse because i should have remembered before i packed everything up for the move.

i have your address from the initial email and i will post that express for you tomorrow. thanks for ur patience and i sincerely apologise for the wait!

and thanks for reminding me as i had ordered an extra MyMini for you and i had it all packaged, wrapped up and ready to post :) let me know when u get it! id rather people remind me then just be disappointed and not get anything cos im so clueless! :D

Shandell said...

Hi Karen
Just letting you know I recieved the Mymini & gorgeous chippies yesterday. Thank you - I can't wait to use them!