Karen Day

Friday, 2 January 2009

Im back!!

Wowza - im never going to move house over the Christmas/New Year period again. It was chaotic and terrible!!! Anyways, ill be back tomorrow with a proper post with some very exciting news :)

Just wanted to pop in and let you know that im still alive!

xxx K


Tara said...

Oh I feel for you moving at this time of year... I would never do it, I hate moving anytime though!!

Monique said...

Hi Karen!
Great to see you coped with the move OK!
Must be nice, though to be in you new house!
I've moved over xmas/newyear before - so I know what you mean, it is a bummer!

MarniT said...

I missed you sooooo much!!! glad to have you back


Kristy said...

glad to see u have moved house Karen and it was such a bugger that you had to move during the chrissy period.