Karen Day

Monday, 5 January 2009

My exciting news ...

... well, its exciting for me and my fam anyways! :D Here is my new little poochie named Oates. He is an alaskan malamute and he is 6 weeks old.

He is just a complete joy! Oates has a lovely nature and is very cuddly. Troy and I have wanted our kids to have a dog for awhile, but it was never the right time for a variety of reasons (eg. no fence) but im very excited to have taken the step now.

My two fav things about Oates are that (1) he looks like he is always wearing a batman mask, and (2) the fact that one ear flops over, and one stands up straight. They are always like that!! You can see it above.

Anyways, just a quick entry cos Troy called me from work asking me to post up a pick of Oates so he can show his mate :)

xxx K


scrappinshawnni said...

Hey there, I was expecting you yesterday! Then Darling Jimmy told me he ran into you up the street and what he said! I was mortified as I wanted to CUDDLE Oates!!! But in my little guys defense, I had given him a stern talking to about not being away from home on his bike/ripstick for very long as I worried. He said this is why I didn't want to pet the dog Mum. I wanted to cry! LOL

SO Please bring him down, I want a Cuddle!!! But Jimmy won't be back until Friday (my day off!)

Hope to see you soon!

MarniT said...

OMG he is so cute!!! Can't wait to travel out for a cuddle!

Monique said...

He is adorable, Karen!
Sure to give you lots of love and laughter - not to mention scrapping opportunities! LOL!

KimA said...

Congrats Karen - but OMG he is eating barbie!

Kristy said...

WOW is he cute or what and that poor Barbie Doll. Be sure to keep him safe Karen !!!