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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

What a beautiful day!!!

Brianna turned four today :)

(warning: longest blog post EVER - for the family's benefit)

yesterday was NOT so wonderful!!!! i spent the morning cooking a cake, but it was one of those chocolate cakes where u cook most of the ingrediants in a saucepan, then u let it cool, then u mix in the flours and eggs. so i did the first bit in the morning - then it cooled while the kids slept - then in the arvo i added the other ingrediants. i was planning on icing and decorating the cake at nighttime. but when i added THE LAST EGG it was ROTTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was soooooooo spewin. i had to throw the whole thing in the bin. i was tired and emotional too, cos my hormones are crazy with this new pill im on.

so i gave up and i got packet mixes and made it lastnight. i was pretty disappointed cos i like to make the kids cakes. i had to stay up till 10pm to get it out of the oven. then i had to get out of bed at 2am when it had cooled (it was a HUGE cake) and wrap it in cling wrap. then i had to get up AGAIN at 4.30am to ice and decorate the cake cos i wanted it all to be done before brianna got out of bed.

i was SO tired!

but today just got better and better. brianna had an amazing day filled with friends, love, laughter and fun. i was so glad that troy and i got to give her such a fun birthday.

basically today brianna called the shots. anything she wanted to do ... she did! so here is the low-down:'

4am - brianna remembers in her sleep that i said her presents would be out in the hallway so promptly decides to wake up in the middle of the night for them!!!!! "go back to bed brianna!" haha.

5.30am - brianna wakes up again, this time we let her get out of bed for pressies from us :) she got three boardgames, 2 dressups, a red and white polka dot party dress for today, a gorgeous purple ballerina tutu, a cash register for the "shop" she set up at home out of cardboard boxes, a hi5 DVD game, a barbie, some little pet-shop dogs and her big pressie was a barbie doll house. she wouldnt stop playing with it all day!

her barbie doll house:

one of her new dressups:

this is the party dress and the register. its amazing how u can find presents for kids that are SO cheap, and they just adore what they get given. after getting her other presents and buying food for the parties, i only had a few dollars left out of her "birthday party budget" so i ducked into the local Salvos to see if they had anything in there. being a mining town its amazing what u find in there!!! i quite often get name brand clothing in mint condition there for $1. anyways, the register was only 50c and the dress was $1!!!!!!!!!!!! Gods blessing hey. He knew what would make brianna happy :)

9am - breakfast while watching Tinkerbell. i love that movie!!

10am - her "cake party". her alice in wonderland birthday party is on saturday morning, but today we had a morning tea at the local cafe so brianna could have a birthday cake on her actual birthday. kinda like a mini-birthday-party. some of her friends were invited and we just basically hung out and ate too much cake. very relaxed. i so enjoyed it!

here is the cake i made for this morning. she loves Tinkerbell so i couldnt resist that cake transfer!!! mind you, i ripped it a bit while putting it on (oops). its a bit hard to tell from the angle of the pic but its a two tier cake.

i found these cute edible icing frangipanis for the cake im making on saturday, so i stole some for this cake.

poor brianna actually put her mouth ON this candle when she was blowing it and she burnt her lip a little bit on the wax. poor little silly billy.

a few of her closest friends.

Midday - Home for a rest. she was exhausted.

3pm - We cracked open her new boardgames. They were awesome!!! she was so excited about them, and wanted to play all of them more than once. mummy needs a longer attention span haha. but i survived - barely. My favs were the Dr Seuss ones!! If you have young kids i highly recommend checking them out. We got the "ABC Game" and the "Cat in the Hat game". Brianna is pretty good with letters and numbers so picked it up quickly. They will help her practice her alphabets while also being fun.

5pm - Pizza at the park. Brianna got to choose the "what and where" for dinner. Family tradition. whoever's bday it is gets to choose. she loves pizza but doesnt have it often so i knew she would pick that. and cos it was a special occasion we let her have softdrink. she isnt allowed it normally. so she thought she was the queen. she doesnt like alot of softdrinks anyways, only raspberry lemonade.

liam with his pizza face. he thought it was awesome that he could have softdrink. he guts it more than brianna. typical boy! he was such a good boy today.

brianna giving me a dazzling smile for the camera haha:

Then it was just the normal routine of showers, milk, teeth and into bed. they got to stay up till 7.30pm tonight.

and thus ends my long long LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG blog post. i wanted to record it all for future reference!!!

xxx K


Kristy said...

Happy Birthday to the little Blossom Sounds like she had a great day never mind that poor mum is buggered from cake making etc. and what a bargin that dress was its just beautiful. Hey K can u email me my puter crashed and I lost everyones emails if you could email ur addie to me that would be super:))

kerry said...

Hi Karen good to see that Brianna had a nice birthday happy birthday Brianna.Take care Kerry xx

TatumW said...

happy birthday Brianna! she is getting sooo grown up xx

scrappinshawnni said...

Happy Birthday Little Miss! I can't believe you are the big FOUR!!!