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Thursday, 18 January 2007

Just a quick post ...

... cos i finally have some time to scrap and Im not gonna waste it blogging :P

The party went fantastically! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

I have some bad news - the only LSS in my town is closing!!! EEEeeeek. So while I do purchase online, this will be stepped up heaps. Im considering signing up for some more kits from various stores but ill probably start doing that in Feb or March because Im planning 2 visits to Mackay in Feb and there is a LSS there. So ill be blowing my scrap budget twice next month. I always do when Im in town! I can easily spend about $80 - $100 in one transaction when I go to Magical Memories in Mackay. Their stuff is just so gorgeous. And they get new stock in daily nearly. So its hard to resist all their goodies.

My normal budget for scrapbooking is around $100 a month - sometimes more, sometimes less. But now that Ill be paying for postage costs itll probably rise, depending on how many different stores I buy from online. Itll probably go more towards $150 a month because Ill not be able to say 'no' to online stuff. Im a pretty cheap scrapper. I like to doodle and make my own embellishments. Not necessarily cos its cheap (although thats a bonus!) but because I like experimenting with different things and making stuff.

I currently am recieving small kits from ChookScraps monthly and they are a great find. Their kits are small but thats what I like! I wanting to sign up for the Boxx of Scraps from Scrapboxx but that will probably happen in March. It all depends on if I get any of the DT positions Ive applied for.

Im currently going for two positions. One I find out at the end of Jan and the other comp ends in March.

Im sooooooooo excited. I really want to be a part of a team again. I miss this since I quit work! But I guess Ill have to stop being impatient and just wait. It must be hard choosing a DT member when you get so many applications. These things take time!!! Still, I cant help but be impatient :P

Must run - Ive gotta play with the new goodies I bought yesterday :D mmmmm I love getting new chipboard.

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