Karen Day

Monday, 15 January 2007

My baby is two!!!!

did i say i was busy last time I posted??? cos that is nothing compared to now!

yesterday Brianna turned 2! shes so old now! we had a small party yesterday for her where my inlaws came out to moranbah for a visit. and today im spending the day cooking for tomorrow - her REAL party! its only 8.30am and ive already cooked 2 cakes (they are now cooling ready for icing) and also made chocolate crackles. so im on the ball!!!

the funniest thing just happened. Brianna is having some "nappy off" time and she just came bouncing into the kitchen going "Jump like a kangaroo" over and over. And as she turned around to jump out the room I noticed she had squeezed a golf ball in between her butt-cheeks!!!! LOL Her cheeks were keeping it there in place while she jumped. she thought she was hilarious. what a drifter!! haha

On a scrapping note - Ive been so busy I havent had time to upload layouts! Ive got four sitting here finished and I still havent photographed them and edited/uploaded. Hopefully Ill get onto that this afternoon. That is of course after ive filled the sandpit with sand, cooked biscuits, made the party bags, blown up around 20 balloons, iced and decorated the "butterfly" cakes im making and also made the "thankyou" cards for all of brianna's friends that are coming.

hmmmm - maybe itll be a couple more days before i get a chance to upload!

At least Ill have lots of photo opportunities tomorrow - which means more stuff to scrap! yay! :)

Have a great week.


gailw said...

Hi Kaz, glad you started blogging again. I only found your blog yesterday and this is the first opportunity I've had to post a comment.

How did the 2nd b'day party go? Did you get many photo's??? I'm sure you did...

Can I link you to my blog??? I would love to do that.

Chat soon, Gail (teachingmum)

Janine said...

Kaz- I hope the party went well- you would have been exhausted before it began!!!You made me tired reading your post!!!
Can wait to see the photos!