Karen Day

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Ooops! DT application mixup!

Im a dork! I got my dates mixed up. I thought the DT comp i entered ended at the end of january - but its february! now i have another month to wait.

oh well!

I have also entered another design team competition. This one is at Crafting in Style. If you want to enter this one signup ends tonight! So get over there quick! This one goes for quite a few weeks so we will see how i go. I havent participated in their forums much though so I dont know how Ill go.

I think (dont know for sure, just my own opinion) that this may hinder my application. People tend to like to get their friends in, not someone they dont know very well. But i will apply anyway and see how i go! Its all more layouts so why not go for it!

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