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Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Scrapping goals for February

my scrapbooking TO DO list is huge. today i went through the items i have bought to alter then never did and i have:

- five 20x25cm canvases
- four 15x15cm canvases
- four notebooks
- one maya road chipboard mini album with chipboard pages (LOVE THIS ALBUM!!!!) i dont know why i havent done anything with it yet!!!
- another mini album
- 3 keepsake boxes that have a photo album built into the lid of the box (they are so cute i HAD to have them ... still undressed!)
- two wooden doorhangers
- one round metal tin
- a bamboo basket that i want to alter and use as a bin for my scrap table
- about 30 paper bags

i cant help it. something looks cute ... i get an idea ... i buy .... then i store on the shelf for a year ... then i decide i dont want it anymore!

if anyone wants some of those paper bags let me know and ill post a few to you. they were 5 cents each so i got a tonne.


So this is what I plan on doing in February. Ill post at the end of Feb and see how ive gone!

1. Alter one of the keepsake boxes for Ethan's 2nd birthday (11-Feb)
2. Do the 14-day-challenge at Scrapboxx where I complete 14 layouts/OTP projects in 14 days (this starts tomorrow)
3. Use the Maya Road mini-album to create a book for Brianna about ppl who love her (friends/family).
4. Do weeks 4 - 7 of Elsie's challenges book

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